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BIG Dream Revolution

Since we all need to be reminded of the power of dreaming BIG and the amazing things that can happen when individuals and organizations do it… Mitch offers “The BIG Dream Revolution.” In it, Mitch tells the story of how the BIG Dream Gathering got started and offers the four BIG questions that helped to unlock countless BIG dreams and freakishly cool connections! What if you and your organization were able to dream BIGGER

Google Your Brain

In his talk, “Google Your Brain,” Mitch offers a powerful question-based process that will increase your organizations ability to innovate, engage and deliver. He utilizes powerful stories, relevant case studies and applicable tools that will unlock your organization’s ability to used “solution-based” thinking to be more creative, more committed and deliver with excellence!

google your brain


During his talk: “Engage!” Mitch presents a FOUR-STEP PROCESS that leaders can utilize to dramatically increase their own level of engagement… as well as help their teams to do the same!

The Achievement Habit

We all want to create cultures that insure that we can achieve our goals. But how do you do it? In the Achievement Habit, Mitch presents inspiring stories, powerful case studies and implementable strategies to help you and your organization to deliver with excellence

Is Your Hair on Fire

Is Your Hair on Fire

Since worry and stress limit our ability to be be creative, engaged and effective… in “Is Your Hair on Fire?” Mitch teaches groups real-world strategies for breaking free from the cycle of worry and stress… so they can deliver every time!

Next Generation Leadership

This workshop introduces three foundational principles that will exponentially increase generational understanding in a fraction of the time. Next, participants will be introduced to profiles of each of the different generations in the workforce. As a result, leaders will have a deeper awareness of how each generation was shaped. This enables participants to understand and navigate key differences like work ethic, use of time and engagement. Finally,

Generation Gap1

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