Google Your Brain!

google your brain
Mitch Matthews presented a very lively, thought-provoking ‘Google your Brain’ to our organization’s members. Using this innovative concept, Mitch challenged us to come up with at least one question to Google our brains with during our meeting. This concept really helped us to think outside the box, and to apply this type of thinking in a variety of ways we might not have thought of prior to meeting Mitch. I enthusiastically recommend Mitch, as a speaker, to any group, small or large. He will stimulate innovative thinking in a very entertaining way.

- Paul Kopack – Society for Human Resource Management

The program:

Google is the most powerful search engine on the planet. You ask it a question and you get links to answers, images and videos. Our brain works in the same way. Doesn’t it?

We ask it a question and it gives us a list of feelings, memories and beliefs. Whether we know it or not, we base all of our decisions, actions and goals on our brain’s “search results.”

This applies to individuals AND organizations.

So… what if you asked your own “search engine” a better question? Because… when the question improves… so do the search results!

Using personal stories, business case studies and experiences from the audience, Mitch helps participants recognize the types of questions they’re asking themselves. Then, he teaches them to ask better questions of themselves, their co-workers, their clients and customers, as well as the other important people in their lives. So, they can produce better “search results” that will inspire new ideas and solutions as well as motivate participants to blow past their goals!

See Mitch in Action:

What could you and your organization do with some new ideas… some better solutions or some creative breakthroughs?

Connect with Mitch and let’s find out!

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Not only did we put Mitch in front of our most demanding audience, our sales executives, but we had him start at 7AM and go for 1.5 hours! He was amazing, keeping everyone focused and on task. There was some great, yet practical take-aways and the term “Google” has taken on a whole new meaning at Holmes Murphy! We are challenging each other to “Google Your Brain” and our clients will be rewarded with “remarkable” results!

Kris Manning – Vice President Client Services – Holmes Murphy