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In 2006, Mitch Matthews had left a “bad fit” job and was pursuing a dream. At first, things went great, but then it all started to fall apart. With his dream on the ropes, it looked like Mitch could lose everything. But instead of giving up, he invited some friends to his home for something he called a “BIG Dream Gathering.”The idea was simple. He had everyone write down some dreams and then look to see if they could help each other out. It was only supposed to go for a few hours but his friends kept inviting more people and it lasted a FULL WEEK!

As you can imagine, it was a little taste of heaven. Just a group of real people giving themselves permission to dream and helping each other in small but significant ways.

That first Gathering allowed Mitch to get his own dream back on track, but it also helped others to get clear and launch their own dreams too. More importantly, the whole experience taught Mitch the power of dreaming big and the importance of dreaming together! It started as a “happy accident” but it’s sparked a revolution!

Fast forward a few years and Mitch now has an audacious goal of inspiring one million dreams in his lifetime.

He does this through hosting BIG Dream Gatherings around the country, as well as his keynotes and coaching. Mitch also has his #1 rated-podcast, two bestselling books and a web-series featuring real people going after their dreams.

Mitch is fueled by the thought of inspiring YOU to pursue the things you were put on the planet to do and to not do it alone! So we invite you to stick around, grab a free resource (or two) and listen to the podcast too. And… let’s get YOUR big dreams done!


Have Mitch Speak At Your Event

Have Mitch Speak At Your Event

From corporations, associations and non-profits, to colleges and universities — Mitch Matthews combines powerful stories and implementable strategies with a stand-up comedy delivery style to give your audience a once-in-a-life-time experience! He’s a results-oriented keynote speaker that your people will THANK YOU for bringing in!
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Best Selling Author

Best Selling Author

Mitch’s newest book, “IGNITE” is an #1 Bestseller. It’s helped countless people to get clear on their dreams and then take massive action to make their goals a reality!
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Hire Mitch As Your Coach

Hire Mitch As Your Coach

Mitch is recognized as one of the world’s top success coaches. He’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives and leaders to help them get clear, engage fully, get results and have more fun in the process!
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