What People Say About Mitch’s Programs for Organizations

As a hyper-fast growing company we have to be mindful of how to grow and how to promote new leadership into key positions. Mitch’s Generation Gap 2.0 presentation made a big impact on that effort.
Bringing Mitch in to help our senior leadership understand what we’re up against was crucial to understanding the upcoming generation shift. The cost benefit of Generation Gap 2.0 is a no-brainer, I wish we would have talked to him sooner.
Travis Ensley
Senior Director of Quality Assurance / Workiva.
Experienced leaders can make for a demanding audience, however Mitch quickly engaged our leadership team. The 90 minutes Mitch spent with us was educational, interactive and meaningful. His genuine, positive and humorous style connected well with our team. Mitch was able to share simple techniques that resonated! I heard multiple comments about the value of the session. A powerful and impactful experience!
Marci Chickering
Executive Vice President, People and Process / Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Mitch helped our Annual Conference audience to think differently, understand that change is a necessary part of our industry and they left inspired. I heard countless times how this was the best keynote speaker we’d had in 25 years. He moved all of us to think differently and now the staff is on fire!! Thanks Mitch for a job well done.
Paul Bishop
CEO / Association of Boards of Certification
I would recommend Mitch Matthews as a speaker because he was responsive and open to our needs. After listening to how and what we wanted addressed, Mitch customized a presentation that wowed our leadership team. Plus he left them with some great take-a-ways to immediately use with their team members!
Cathy Murray
VP Human Resources / Guide One Insurance
We first engaged Mitch and his staff to do generation training for our leadership group. Mitch’s energy and delivery brought him to mind again when we were planning our very first Producer Summit. Not only did we put him in front of our most demanding audience, our sales executives, but we had him start at 7AM and go for 1.5 hours! He was amazing, keeping everyone focused and on task. There was some great, yet practical take-aways and the term “Google” has taken on a whole new meaning at Holmes Murphy! We are challenging each other to “Google Your Brain” and our clients will be rewarded with “remarkable” results!
Kris Manning
VP of Client Services / Holmes Murphy
It’s always a bit of a risk selecting a speaker for a meeting but I’m glad we picked Mitch Matthews and his “The Achievement Habit” because – Mitch does a great job relating to teams from all over the world. His energy and stories help keep people engaged and involved in the sessions. His approach allows the individuals opportunities to understand how to apply what he is teaching to their everyday life situations – both personal and professional
Jodi Neumann
Chief Accounting Officer, International Group / Fortune 100 Organization

What People Say About Mitch’s Programs for Colleges and Universities

Delta Sigma Pi LOVED having Mitch. His presentation was fabulous due to its relevance at this crucial time in our lives. Mitch’s kind heart and inspirational words really went far. I received very positive feedback from everyone I spoke to – even students outside of the Fraternity who had decided to come on a whim! So thank you so much to Mitch for coming in to share his story and words of wisdom with our organization.
Stephanie Simko
Delta Sigma Pi - University of Connecticut
It was so important for me to hear Mitch Matthews because he helped me to exceed my potential and capture my dreams. He was the best speaker I heard in my 4 years of college! Bring him to your campus!
Megan Reiss
Drake University
Mitch has an unbelievably uplifting way of laying out the specific strategies you need to accomplish your big dreams and goals!
Corinna Weller
Clemson University
If you want your campus to be filled with game changers and the Steve Jobs of our generation, you NEED to bring Mitch to your school! He’s incredible!
Lindsay Palmer
Duquesne University
I would recommend Mitch to come to your campus! He will bring so much energy and empower everyone in the room to believe that achieving their own dreams is very possible!
Carlos Marquez
Florida Atlantic University
Mitch Matthews is a phenomenal speaker and delivers a message that no one else out there is doing. Mitch's Big Dream Gathering challenged me to think in a way that I that I hadn't done since I was a child. This program is a perfect fit for college students because traditional education overlooks personal passions and dreams. I left the Big Dream Gathering with more connections, drive and excitement than I knew what to do with. It fueled my desire to follow my dreams.
Amanda Boleyn
University of Iowa
Mitch is a great speaker! I love his positive energy!
Kelly Mabery
Briar Cliff University
Mitch is great! Never a dull moment! He’s unlike any motivational speaker I’ve ever seen!
Zachary David
St. Cloud State University
What Mitch brought to Grand View was certainly great content, but more importantly he moved the meter – as it relates to transforming our culture to one that is inspires people to do more, do better – and actually do their best!
Susie Sterns
Director of the Career Center / Grand View University
Mitch and the BIG Dream Gathering are great for a college campus because they give students, faculty and the community an opportunity to learn from and inspire each other in a setting where they are all on the same level as dreamers, free from the traditional hierarchy of an educational institution.
Allie Born
John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

Need a Few More?

Mitch Matthews is one of those rare individuals who somehow can make you feel more positive and more empowered each time you encounter him. Mitch's BIG Dream Gathering was an awesome experience for me and those around me... nudging all who participate again and again to pursue their dreams, no matter how big or seemingly small. I continue to dream big, thanks to Mitch!
Lucas Casey
Director of Community Relations and Assistant to the President / Grand View University
Maybe you are a little bit like me. When your company tells you they are bringing in a public speaker, you shut down physically and emotionally. Maybe like me, you think to yourself, "Great, here comes another outside person who knows absolutely nothing about our company and how we work, but they are going to try and give me five "new" concepts to apply to my job. Even if these concepts are actually good, I'm probably going to forget to use them in a week." Through his creative delivery, personable approach, and attention to detail, Mitch managed to avoid the common pitfalls of public speakers when he spoke to our company. He was able to keep the audience engaged throughout his whole presentation. He also took the time to learn about our company and how our teams work. Because of this, the concepts he presented actually made sense and were actionable. If you need a public speaker for your group or company, I highly recommend Mitch Matthews!
David Eickelberg
Software Release Manager / Workiva
Mitch, my new friend, you hit a grand slam while pitching a perfect game. Thank you for the awesome contribution you made to the event and to the many lives you touched (including mine) with your presentation.
Bob Burg
Best Selling Author / The Go-Giver
Energetic, Entertaining, Enlightening, Engaging, Encouraging… I would use my entire arsenal of ”EN” words to describe Mitch Matthews. Mitch was the first speaker on our agenda and he had the audience on the edge of their seats in the first 5 minutes of his talk!
Erik Carlson
Director / Fortune 100 Company
We had Mitch kick off our conference and I’m so glad we did. He set the tone for the entire meeting!
Robert Rouwenhorst, Ph.D.
Director / The Marketing Institute – University of Iowa
Mitch Matthews presented a very lively, thought-provoking “Google Your Brain” to our organization’s members. Using this innovative concept, Mitch challenged us to come up with at least one question to Google our brains with during our meeting. This concept really helped us to think outside the box, and to apply this type of thinking in a variety of ways we might not have thought of prior to meeting Mitch. I enthusiastically recommend Mitch, as a speaker, to any group, small or large. He will stimulate innovative thinking in a very entertaining way.
Paul Kopack
Society of Human Resource Management
The minute his presentation began, Mitch commanded the attention of a very skeptical group of representatives. The room warmed up to him very quickly and from then on his impact was palpable. He received very high marks on the evaluations; most referenced his high energy level and motivational attitude. His professionalism, work ethic and passion for helping others discover their full potential is enviable!
Sara Erwin
Training Manager / Astellas Pharmaceuticals
Mitch Matthews was a smashing success at our Annual Conference. His talk about dreaming big and achieving more had the audience fired up and coming up with a ton of dreams before the day was over. Mitch goes beyond motivating, he inspires. He taps into what is deep inside all of us, waters it, and gives it room to grow! That is what the BIG dream gathering is made of!
Jimi Coplen
Vice President / Texas Midwest Community Network