Coaching for Coaches and Speakers

Coaching for Coaches and Speakers


Mitch Matthews has been training and equipping coaches, speakers and online content creators since 2008. 

He’s been wildly blessed to work with over a thousand coaches to help them to become better coaches and better entrepreneurs!  His passion is to help people who truly feel called to coaching to take their coaching skills to the next level AND to build successful, sustainable and highly-profitable coaching practices that make the world a better place.

He also works with successful speakers and content creators to add coaching to their business mix, so they can have a deeper impact, additional revenue streams AND not have to travel so much!

He helps coaches, speakers and content creators to:

  • Profoundly increase your income
  • Find more “great fit” clients
  • Effectively add additional streams of revenue 
  • Automate your business systems so it can work for you
  • Clarify and build attractive coaching and speaking packages
  • Develop coaching tools to add value and credibility
  • And much much more!

Pricing for Private Success Coaching with Mitch ranges from $597 to $3,500 per month depending on the coaching package that’s best for you and Mitch’s availability.

If this is something you’re seriously considering, please click here to contact Mitch and his team. 

They will schedule a one-on-one complimentary coaching call between you and Mitch. 

That important step will give you the opportunity to experience working with Mitch, and it will help you both to decide if you’re a good fit for each other.

Brendon Burchard interviews Mitch

“I think Mitch can help you jump start your coaching practice. His training program will help you figure out how to start a coaching practice, learn coaching skills, and market your coaching services like many of the highest paid coaches in the world do.

Brendon Burchard – Best Selling Author and Founder of

Success Coaching

Amberly Lago’s Testimonial for Mitch

“Working with Mitch was most definitely one of the best gifts of last year but at the same time investing in coaching with Mitch is the gift that keeps giving! It has given me the clarity, confidence boost AND strategies to move forward and make an even bigger impact! Mitch… it has been THE best working with you—mentally, strategically AND spiritually!``

Amberly Lago, Expert Mindset Coach, Author & Podcaster -

Amberly Testimonial

Antonio Neves talks about Mitch

When I started working with Mitch, I already had a healthy speaking and coaching business. At the same time, I felt stalled and stuck. Mitch helped me rethink my business from top to bottom with big picture macro thinking and strategic action steps to not just jump start my business but also increase my excitement and enthusiasm. Every coach needs a coach and Mitch is that guy!

-Antonio Neves, Speaker, Author and Executive Coach -


Jill Crew’s Testimonial for Mitch

Testimonials for Mitch’s 7 Day Challenge for Coaches:

Find out more by clicking here.

“Mitch helped me to really start building buzz for my coaching practice! This allowed me to invite people to join me in my journey which also helped people to spread the word about what I was up to without feeling like I was selling or hitting people over the head with promotion. It made ALL the difference! Now I have the momentum and the clients I've always wanted!``

- Rebecca Douros, Founder -

“I got downsized but instead of just doing what I had been doing, I decided to pursue my passion for coaching. I started working with Mitch. With his help and the guidance of his training, I started from scratch and got my business up and running in 3 months!

I know it would have taken a year or more if I'd tried to do this alone. But now I'm charging at a rate twice my rate as a Director at my old company. More importantly, I'm having a blast and I'm truly helping people. It's amazing.

This has been transformational and I know I couldn't have done it without Mitch's help!``

- Nick Bartelt – Coach & Consultant -

“Mitch… thanks! You challenged me to package my knowledge in a step-by-step format that made sense for the customer. The very next day I was using your suggestions and I landed a new client! Sometimes our ideas are right in front of our nose, but it took me walking it through your process to help me to put it into the right format.

Thanks again!

- Josh Ochs – Best Selling Author and Coach - Founder of

“Mitch helped me in so many areas of my business. In fact, I copied one specific strategy word for word from our recorded call and sent it out in an email. That email helped me to gain two new paying clients!

- Lisa Smith – Fiercely Determined Coaching

Lisa Smith
“It was evident from our first conversation and each session thereafter that I had made the right choice in selecting Mitch as my coach. He brought humor, encouragement, tips and first-hand experience to each question I had. He delivered above and beyond all of my expectations. I can’t say enough about working with Mitch.

I will be forever grateful for Mitch’s influence on my business and my life!

- Kendis Chenoweth – Head Coach, Life Point Coaching

Kendis Chenoweth