Next Generation Workforce Leader Training

Generation Gap

Are Your Leaders Ready?

Generational understanding has always been important, but with the fundamental shifts that have been happening in the workforce… it’s imparative for leaders to not only know how to survive but thrive amid what we call “Generation Gap 2.0.”

The number 1reason a Millennial stays with an organization is their direct leader. At the same time, the number one reason a Millennial leaves is also their direct leader. Leadership has always been important, but now it’s crucial. The critical difference in recruitment, engagement and retention is not just in who you hire… but more in who you promote into leadership and how you train those individuals to lead this Next Generation Work Force.


“Generation Gap 2.0″

This workshop introduces three foundational principles that will exponentially increase generational understanding in a fraction of the time. Next, participants will be introduced to profiles of each of the different generations in the workforce. As a result, leaders will have a deeper awareness of how each generation was shaped. This enables participants to understand and navigate key differences like work ethic, use of time and engagement. Finally, participants are introduced to four powerful leadership tools that will be immediately implementable. These tools unlock strategies that dramatically improve engagement, performance and retention of all generations in your workforce.


“The Mentor Manager”

Millennials have been brought up with high-levels of encouragement and mentoring by their parents, their teachers and their coaches. So they not only expect it, they need it. Plus, every generation thrives when they are mentored more effectively. The question is… how can a leader be both a manager and a mentor?

This highly-interactive workshop builds on the principles participants learn in the Generation Gap 2.0. In this session, leaders will be introduced to and practice with specific mentoring strategies that are immediately implementable to promote more engagement, loyalty and retention.

Participants will also be given specific guidance on when to take off their “Mentor Hat” and lead with specific and clear direction to insure excellence.


“The Elite Mentor Manager”

This workshop takes the concepts introduced in the Mentor Manager to the next level. Participants will be introduced to the Scientific Method Mentor Model™. This model has helped organizations to better mentor and lead employees, and it has also functioned to increase innovative thinking, performance and loyalty.

SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING: 1-on-1 Leadership Coaching

Mitch works one-on-one with select leaders as a leadership coach. This coaching enables leaders to further apply the concepts taught in each of the Next Generation Workforce programs and receive additional guidance, specific feedback and continued accountability.

These sessions have helped participants to become infinitely more confident in their own leadership abilities. It has also helped them to become thought leaders on generational understanding, mentoring and management within their organizations. As a result, they function as invaluable resources to their companies on the subjects of recruitment, engagement and retention.

BACKGROUND: Mitch Matthews

Mitch is a leading authority on innovative thinking, engagement, goal achievement and work-place mentoring. He splits his time between working with organizations and working with students on college campuses across the country. He’s worked with leaders from organizations like NASA, Disney, Pioneer and the Principal Financial Group to help them to navigate what he calls the “Next Generation Workforce.”

Mitch also works one-on-one with leaders as an elite leadership and generational coach. He’s sat on the Franklin Covey Innovation Advisory Board for Professional Coaching. Mitch also developed a business-coaching/mentoring program called “The Coach Mindset” that has been utilized around the globe.