Mitch was responsive and open to our needs. After listening to how and what we wanted addressed, Mitch customized a presentation that wowed our leadership team, plus left them some great take-aways to immediately use with their team members!

Cathy Murray, VP Human Resources, GuideOne Insurance

The program:

A new challenge is developing.

Although people are choosing to stay in their jobs longer… actual employee engagement is at an all time low! In fact, a recent Gallup Poll found that 54% of employees across the country said they were not engaged in their work. And an additional 17% identified themselves as “knowingly disengaged.” Do the math… that’s 71% of employees that are either not engaged or knowingly disengaged!

That’s not a challenge… that’s a PROBLEM!

With “ENGAGE!” Mitch Matthews presents a FOUR-STEP PROCESS that leaders can utilize to dramatically increase their own level of engagement… as well as help their teams to do the same!

He will…

Uncover one key concept that undermines any new training initiative and help you to overcome it!
Offer specific stories and case studies that will inspire leaders but also give them specific strategies to use immediately!
Show how tying an employee’s bigger goals and dreams to their daily work can make a significant impact on their focus, dedication and loyalty!
Provide a core concept to help leaders to “control what you can control” which will make the the difference on a leader’s performance as well as help them (and their teams) to overcome the grinding stress that can cause disengagement!
And much much more!
These concepts, strategies and stories will help your leaders and managers to engage at new levels themselves! Plus, it will help their teams to be more fully engaged too!

Think about it.

What could happen if your leaders and your employees were performing with a high level of contribution AND a high level of satisfaction in their work?

Let’s find out!

Connect with Mitch and let’s help your people ENGAGE at new levels!

Just call 1.800.491.5316 or email Mitch and his team at contactus@mitchmatthews.com.