The Achievement Habit

It’s always a bit of a risk selecting a speaker for a meeting but I’m glad we picked Mitch and his “The Achievement Habit” because – Mitch does a great job relating to teams from all over the world. His energy and stories help keep people engaged and involved in the sessions. His approach allows the individuals opportunities to understand how to apply what he is teaching to their everyday life situations – both personal and professional

Chief Accounting Officer – International Group – Fortune 100 Organization

The program:

We all want to create cultures that insure that we can deliver with excellence. But how do you do it?

In the Achievement Habit… Mitch Matthews presents inspiring stories, powerful case studies and implementable strategies to help you and your organization to deliver with excellence!

With “The Achievement Habit,” Mitch presents three guiding principles that have helped organizations like Google, Toyota and Disney to create cultures that consistently achieve!

But more importantly… he boils them down into tangible strategies that anyone can utilize immediately.

In the Achievement Habit, Mitch will…

Offer a key concept that empowers leaders to stand in the tension between the “here and now” and the “where we want to be.”
Share one simple but powerful strategy that will enable leaders (and team members) to focus on what they can control… and get the job done. (And… believe it or not… have fun in the process.)
Uncover one mistake that leaders can make that undermines the power of coaching and mentoring. More importantly, Mitch gives participants a simple but profound solution to make sure it doesn’t happen in your organization.
Provide you with powerful coaching and mentoring strategies to increase engagement, commitment and loyalty.
Equip participants to avoid one of the biggest pitfalls that can happen when an organization commits to excellence… and thrive as they begin to achieve at new levels!
Plus a lot more!
These concepts, strategies and stories will help participants to achieve at new levels themselves!

Plus, it will help them to inspire the Achievement Habit within their organizations too!

Think about it.

What could happen if your leaders and your employees were even more inspired to deliver with excellence?

Let’s find out!

Connect with Mitch and let’s help your people achieve at new levels!

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