The BIG Dream Gathering!


The BIG Dream Gathering

In this high-energy program, Mitch tells the inspiring story behind the BIG Dream Gathering and talks about the four questions that started this revolution.

Participants are inspired to think about their own BIG dreams as well as the the dreams of their organization!

Then we’ll cover the walls with those dreams… BIG Dream Gathering style!

It’s unlike any other event that you’ve ever participated in. It’s an incredible mix of inspiration, collaboration and connection!

In fact, it’s been described as a little taste of heaven!

Here’s an example of what the BIG Dream Gathering experience is like:

Big Dream Gathering – West Des Moines from Calvin Johannsen on Vimeo.

Think about it…

What if you and your organization were able to dream BIG together?

What could happen if people were inspired to write down their dreams and help each other to achieve them? What kind of BIG dreams could be recognized and launched?

If previous BIG Dream Gatherings are an indication… anything is possible!

If you’re wanting to inspire your organization to think bigger, to collaborate more and engage in a whole new way… Mitch Matthews and the BIG Dream Gathering will be an incredible fit!


“The BIG Dream Gathering Experience is the ultimate team-building, obstacle-busting, heart-building event! Your employees will never be the same!”

– Dondi Scumaci – Best Selling Author

What can I say but thank you and WOW! Your speech and the BIG Dream Gathering were such a hit! Our conference attendees really loved it. Thank you, Mitch, for inspiring us. Seeds were planted that I hope will continue to grow for a long time!”

Amanda Wilson, President – C.P.I.

“Mitch Matthews was a smashing success at our Annual Conference. His talk about Dreaming Big had the audience fired up! Mitch goes beyond motivating, he inspires. He taps into what is deep inside of all of us, waters it, and gives it room to grow!”

-Jimi Coplen, TMCN Vice President


A little more…

BIG Dream Gathering: Time-lapse from Calvin Johannsen on Vimeo.


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