Is Your Hair on Fire?


The Program:

Worry blocks our ability to be creative, effective or focused at work and at home.

Plus, there seems to be more opportunities to worry than ever before!

In “Is Your Hair on Fire?”, Mitch introduces a simple three-step process for breaking out of the cycle of worry.

He uses specific examples… some funny… some moving… some inspiring… so the audience will leave with powerful strategies they can apply immediately.

Plus, Mitch tells the heart-stopping and laughter-inspiring story of almost getting struck by lightning on a Montana mountain top and how it impacted his personal journey of breaking free from worry.

As a result, the audience can break out of the cycle of fretting and stewing to achieve more of the amazing life they were put on the planet to live… and achieve more at work and at home!

What could happen if you and your organization were able to break free from worry?

Let’s find out! Connect with Mitch at 800.491.5316 or at

Mitch was an amazing speaker! Please have him back next year! He gave so many insightful stories and suggestions on how to not worry and redirect your focus towards the positive. I really enjoyed this session!

Survey Feedback – Fortune 100 Company

I believe a lot of employees needed to hear Mitch Matthews’ “Is Your Hair On Fire?” especially in this economy where morale is low. It was great to see the smiles on employees’ faces and hear their laughter. The content was great and relevant to our jobs.

Survey Feedback – Fortune 100 Company