381: Rebekah Scott – Creating Systems to be at your best! [At Home & Work!]

Rebekah Scott

381: Rebekah Scott – Creating Systems to be at your best! [At Home & Work!]

We’re talking with Rebekah Scott.  Get this.  She sews purses and accessories from her home in rural South Dakota!  She got her start as a poor newlywed and she needed Christmas gifts for her friends and family so she decided to make some purses out of her living room curtains. 

Then she started getting phone calls with people wanting her designs!  15 years later… she has four kids and the business has grown to a team of over 20 women who all work from home so they can spend time with their families!  They make hand sewn bags that are designed by YOU so you can express your own unique personality and style! 

And her company… Rebekah Scott Designs is on it’s way to becoming the biggest hand-made business in the country.  How freeeegin’ cool is that!!!???

Plus… with all that Rebekah had going on… she had a wake up call a few years ago that made her realize she needed systems in her life so she could take care of her family AND take care of her business. As she started to create and use these systems… people started to take notice and ask her about them. 

That led to Rebekah launching The Encourager Podcast and Encourager Academy training so she could bring tools to women who want to go from overworked, overwhelmed and unsuccessful to confident, clear and decisive.

As you can already tell… this is an awesome conversation!  So let’s get to it!

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Rebekah Scott’s Podcast: Encouragerpodcast.com

Encourager Academy: encouragerpodcast.com/academy

Rebekah’s Luxury Leather Brand: 1948leather.com

Rebekah Scott Designs: designyourownpurse.com

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You can now check out Mitch’s new DAILY podcast called “ENCOURAGING THE ENCOURAGERS” anywhere you listen to podcasts.  

It’s specifically designed for coaches, speakers and content creators and provides quick doses of inspiration, strategy AND… of course… encouragement!

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We’ve gotten to work with clothing and apparel designers before on DTD.  One of my favorite conversations was with the creator of the “WIN EVERYDAY” clothing line… Jake Thompson. We dig into his specific time management strategies for managing work and life. Click here: mitchmatthews.com/357/ 

I also loved my conversation with Britton Murdock Nunn.  She’s the entrepreneur behind “The Biggest Little Fashion Truck” based in Reno, Nevada. My team and I got to meet Britton when we hosted a Big Dream Gathering at the University of Nevada.I will let her tell her story, but the very short version is she was on a career track that wasn’t a good fit. But she decided to make some changes, and that led her to launch an innovative, crazy-cool business involving fashion, fun and a big pink truck!  Click here to check out the episode.

Speaking of creativity… let’s not forget my conversations with Oscar-winning special effects artist Howard Berger.  I’ve interviewed him THREE times and we’ve had so much fun each time… talking movies… creativity… and holding it all together.

Option 1: Don’t blow up the house!

Option 2: Starting small & Dreaming BIG

Option 3: The Masters of Make Up Effects 


I loved this conversation!  Rebekah shared some great stories and some powerful insights! She’s soooo living a DREAM THINK DO life!  Love it!

So… now it’s YOUR turn.  What’s something that resonated with you?  What stood out to you?  

I want to hear from YOU!  

Leave a comment and let me know.

And hey… keep bringing YOUR awesome!!!


Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:02 What’s inside today’s episode!
  • 1:40 Get to know Rebekah Scott
  • 7:30 Mitch’s honest review of Rebekah’s handbags
  • 8:58 The power of building with your customers 
  • 14:51 The wake-up call that changed it all
  • 17:57 How Rebekah transformed her life and business with systems 
  • 24:02 Creating your own “me” time every week
  • 31:48 There is way to have total wholeness and joy 
  • 33:15 Mitch’s Minute and biggest takeaways! 
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