373: The Constant Evolution of Creativity – Jennifer Kathryn King

Jennifer Kathryn King

373: The Constant Evolution of Creativity – Jennifer Kathryn King

Jennifer Kathryn King is our guest! She grew up a soccer-playing military kid. She went to Stanford University.  While there… she started to work at NIKETOWN (to make ends meet) and she wound up wowwing NIKE execs with her innovative strategies and creative leadership! 

After graduating… she got offered a job a NIKE Headquarters and went on to become Senior Director for Global Brand – Team Sports.

And then… Global Senior Creative Director for Brand Creative.  THEN… in 2018… Jen founded her own digital marketing agency called Invictus Media and she’s been killing it there… by creating high-quality digital marketing assets for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

We’re going to talk about tenacity, leadership, and the constant evolution of creativity!  I think you’re going to love it!



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I don’t know about you but I loved this convo!  JKK’s journey is inspiring and packed with pearls of wisdom we all can use! 

I’m curious.  What’s something that stood out to you?  What’s something that resonated?  

More importantly… what’s something you’re going to DO as a result?

I want to hear from YOU!  

Leave a comment and let’s hear from YOU!

And hey… keep bringing YOUR awesome!!!


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 Create a constant evolution of creativity!
  • 1:11 Get to know Jennifer Kathryn King
  • 4:53 Growing up a military kid
  • 6:45 When Jennifer worked for Nike
  • 10:00 The journey from surviving to thriving
  • 16:38 Telling a powerful story through video marketing
  • 21:11 When Jennifer found the courage to go out on her own
  • 27:27 What makes Jennifer’s leadership style unique
  • 32:22 Jennifer’s advice for every Dream Think Do listener
  • 38:08 Mitch’s minute and biggest takeaways!
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  • Jackie Haley
    Posted at 10:45h, 27 January Reply

    Mitch Matthews has great insight and is an inspiration to so many.

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