354: Jamie Winship – Identity, Purpose & Living Fearless [In Turbulent Times]

Jamie Winship - Mitch Matthews

354: Jamie Winship – Identity, Purpose & Living Fearless [In Turbulent Times]

Jamie Winship was an award-winning Metro DC police officer who went on to spend nearly 30 years living and working in some of the most dangerous conflict zones in the world.  His unconventional efforts to bring about societal and racial reconciliation have led him to Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and now back to the United States. 

Jamie calls this unique approach to heal and break through the “Identity Method.”  He’s utilized it to connect people you’d never think would be open to working together.  But he’s also used it to help professional sports teams, business leaders, government officials, non-profit organizations, and many others. 

As you’ll hear in this incredible conversation… this simple process can be used to help bring people together… but just as importantly… individuals can utilize these steps to walk in more freedom, uncover more of their true identity… AND live with less fear… even in turbulent times.  This one blew me away… and I think you’ll love it.  So let’s get to it!


Jamie’s new book: Living Fearless (click here)

Jamie’s Organization: Identity Exchange Click Here

Jamie’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejamiewinship/


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Jamie Winship spent nearly 30 years living and working in conflict zones, and during that time he has learned an important truth: all human conflict originates from fear, and fear originates from a false view of God, ourselves, and others. 

Until we exchange what’s false for what’s real, we will never experience being fully alive, fully human, and fully free.  During our conversation… we dive deep into the Identity Exchange Method as Jamie tells an incredible story of how it played out (and brought healing) in a surprising way within a group of people most would say would NEVER work together!


  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 6:23 How we learn to fear
  • 11:14 How parents model fear to their children
  • 15:59 The root of every human’s worst fear
  • 24:14 What your emotions could be telling you
  • 30:24 The internal conflict of false identity
  • 34:20 A case study on identity with divided city leaders
  • 39:37 Drowning out the negative voice in your head
  • 45:28 Using your intuitive mind
  • 53:56 What happens when someone finds their identity
  • 58:00 Discovering the depth of who you are
  • 1:01:43 Mitch’s minute

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  • Cathy Baker
    Posted at 07:15h, 19 March Reply

    Okay, so I’ve already listened to this episode three times!! It is jam packed with ideas and wisdom. The knowledge that peace can be brought about by helping people be authentically who they are is HUGE! I am reminded of a very early Dream.Think.Do episode that helped me to be more authentic in my life — episode 47 with Ray Edwards. The topic was Writing Words That Sell Your Big Ideas, and I have used that part of the episode over and over through the years, but it was a bonus gem in that episode when Ray Edwards told about how he became authentic in his life that made all the difference to me.
    Thank you once again Mitch for bringing impactful content to us all.

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