338: Busting Free From Paralysis

Amanda Zwanziger-Busting Free From Paralysis

338: Busting Free From Paralysis

Amanda Zwanziger is the author of the bestselling book, “The Paralyzed Movement.” She’s also a speaker and coach focused on helping people to chase their dreams and change their lives.

She’s both an entrepreneur as well as… as she calls it… a ministry”preneur!”  Since she’s a long-time friend… AND a long-time coaching client… I can tell you she walks her talk.  We’re going to dig into strategies to help you to break through paralysis and the things that can cause us to feel stuck. 

She knows because she’s needed these strategies herself.  Plus, she and her amazing husband Todd also learned a lot about breaking through literal paralysis… after he was healed from a spinal cord injury that had left the entire right side of his body paralysed. 

As you can imagine… that experience taught Amanda what it takes to go from being paralyzed to moving in the ways you’re called to move… physically… spiritually… vocationally… relationally… all the “lly’s” really.  And she’s fired up about this.  So… if you’ve got a crazy cool idea stirring deep down inside you, AMANDA has a passion for helping you to move past those places where you feel stuck… so you can make it happen!

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Amanda’s website: www.amandamotivates.com

Amanda’s author page on Amazon.

Amanda’s book on Amazon.

Francesca Battistelli’s “It’s Your Life” song: click here

Amanda and Todd’s Miracle Journey:


  • 0:02 What to expect today 
  • 1:55 Get to know Amanda Zwanziger
  • 4:14 A snapshot into Amanda’s career
  • 10:00 The day everything changed 
  • 16:11 Lessons from miracles 
  • 20:10 What can move us towards paralysis
  • 27:17 Amanda’s tips for getting started
  • 35:42 How to connect with Amanda’s content
  • 37:00 Wisdom of the week
  • 42:02 Mitch’s minute


So a number of things struck me from our conversation, but one of the biggest may have also been one of the simplest. 

(Isn’t that how it often works?)  I mean… hey… I LOVE the story of Todd’s miraculous healing story and where it’s taken them since.  Plus, I love that Amanda has broken through some of her own paralysis in life to step out in faith… launch her own business… and write a book too!  So cool. 

BUT one of the key things I needed to be reminded of is that we need to have a breakthrough mindset.  We need to set our minds towards breaking through.  Sure… we need to acknowledge it’s going to be tough… and maybe even scary at times… BUT if we set our minds towards a breakthrough… there’s a MUCH greater chance we will in fact experience that breakthrough! 

And THAT is the epitome of dreaming BIGGER, thinking BETTER, and doing MORE of what you were put on the planet to do!  Right?  So that’s what I needed to hear.  How about you?  Comment below and let me know.  What struck you… and what stuck with you?  A story?  A strategy?  A thought?  Post and let me know!

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