358: You are closer than you think

You are closer than you think

358: You are closer than you think

You are closer than you think!  That’s right.  If you’re pursuing a goal or a dream… and you’ve had some setbacks lately… you might be tempted to give up.  To quit.  Or… to play small.  But in this timely short solocast, Mitch Matthews shares a story and provides a strategy to help you keep going…. yo keep moving forward… to keep progressing.  Because hey… you might just be closer than you think!  Let’s do this!

By the way, we dig into a little brain science, as well as simple strategies to help with perseverance and grit.  Invite a friend to join you… and dive in.  


Mitch mentions a FREE DOWNLOAD.  You can grab it here!  Click Here.

Be sure to invite a friend to join you as you dig into these questions that will help you to stick with it! 

And don’t worry.  We’re not even asking you to opt-in to anything.  Just grab it and use it.  Because… hey… you might be closer than you think!  So let’s get you there!


If you’re needing some help managing your time… here you go:

5 Surprisingly Simple and Powerful Time Management Strategies to Maximize Your Day with Compete Everyday’s CEO, Jake Thompson: https://mitchmatthews.com/357/ 

If your next big goal is to launch a podcast… here you go:

5 Keys to Starting a Podcast with Mitch Matthews: ​​https://mitchmatthews.com/350/

If you’re needing some scientifically-based strategies for more GRIT and PERSEVERANCE… here you go:

Grit, Perseverance and Beating the “Meh” with Laura Sanchez-Greenberg: https://mitchmatthews.com/308/ 

If you’d like some inspiring stories of grit and perseverance from history… here you go:

TRUE GRIT: Stories you didn’t hear in history class (but need to know) with Ben Stein: www.mitchmatthews.com/173


  • 0:02 What you’ll learn in 20 mins or less
  • 1:29 You are closer to your breakthrough than you think
  • 4:30 How Mitch responded to a bad week
  • 7:45 When negative thoughts start to take over
  • 10:40 Mitch’s Disney movie moment 
  • 13:23 The #1 question to help you STICK WITH IT 
  • 14:55 How your past may have clues to your breakthrough
  • 16:12 What can you do differently today?
  • 19:20 Mitch’s biggest tip for you today

I want to hear from YOU!  

Yup… I want to hear from you.  

What do you think?  Did you need to be reminded you might be closer than you think?  (Yeah… me too!)

What’s something you want to do (big or small) as a result of listening in?  

What’s something that keeps YOU going?  

Chime in.  Share your thoughts.  Leave a comment and let us know!!!  

I can’t wait to hear from YOU!

And hey… invite a friend to join you on this one!!! #bettertogether


  • Sandra Thomas
    Posted at 15:19h, 13 April Reply

    Hi Mithch: It has been forever since I listened to your podcast First of all I want to thank you. Podcast 358, you are closer than you think you are have revolutionized my life. My used to be perfectionist mindset was again set free.
    1. I just published my book on March 27th and it is huge only that I did not feel satisfied but you helped me to see. So many other accomplishments which caused me to stop and think. 2. Also that I remained calmed and did not loose my cool during a very challenging and confrontational situation. 3. something I want to do big is to continue further in creating an online and podcast on loss, trauma, and grief. Last but not least Finally and I mean finally is acceptance that obstacles and barriers are part of life and whenever you begin something new, therefore, take a chill pill and don’t get angry. Hallelujah

  • Tara D
    Posted at 12:02h, 21 July Reply

    Great episode! I immediately came home, accessed the download and completed the page in my notes! I needed this today! As always, thank you for great content!!

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