308: Laura Sanchez-Greenberg – Grit, perseverance & Beating the “Meh” of Covid.

Laura Sanchez-Greenberg Beating the meh

308: Laura Sanchez-Greenberg – Grit, perseverance & Beating the “Meh” of Covid.

We’re talking with Laura Sanchez-Greenberg.  She’s the founder of Verde Associates… a performance acceleration firm focusing on transforming individuals and the companies they lead.

She’s incredible and a true expert on grit and perseverance.  And… as you listen, you’ll hear some simple but powerful strategies to beat that feeling of “meh” that can creep in.  You know.  Covid’s causing a lot of our days to be the same.  Plus, now that a lot of us are facing cold temps… so we’re feeling more limited on the stuff we can do.

So yeah… we need some real-world strategies to beat the crap out of the “meh.”  THAT is what we’re talking about and I think you’re going to love it!  Let’s get to this!

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Dr. Fredrickson’s Positivity Self-Test: 

Here’s where you can Track your Positivity on Dr. Fredrickson’s website and some of her interventions to increase positivity resonance. Go to “tools” on the website menu and click on “positivity self-test”  – it will give you your positivity ratio for the day and also track it across time. It’s got some neat features which is that it will let you map too. 

Positive Image, Positive Action: The Affirmative Basis of Organizing:

Laura mentions a study by David L. Cooperrider from Case Western Reserve University.  Download the study here.  The “Implications for management” around positivity starts on pg 14, but a really good read overall.  Enjoy!

“We are sometime truly going to see our life as positive, not negative, as made up of continuous willing, not of constraints and prohibition.” – Mary Parker Follett. 

TRAVIS ENSLEY: Manage Time & Live Intentionally

Laura and I got connected through my good friend and DTD guest, Travis Ensley.  So, I wanted you to have access to his episode too!:  www.mitchmatthews.com/182 

Laura is a true “PRACTITIONER SCHOLAR.”  

She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business… a certificate in Change Management from Harvard Business School, and has studied Group Dynamics and Organizational Design from Georgetown University, and Negotiation and Mediation at the University of Chicago. 

Plus, Laura is currently pursuing her PhD in Values Based Leadership.  Specifically… her research focuses on strategies and traits of teams that have experienced accelerated growth and maintained excellent cultural, people, and financial success.  

And… as you guys know… at DREAM THINK DO… we’re always encouraging experimenting and stretching yourself… and Laura is a big believer in this too!

So much so that in addition to the academics… Laura has trained in improv, culinary arts, and she’s certified in over 25 different types of assessments.

Yeah… she’s wicked smaaaat and pure awesome.  So let’s get to the conversation.

Laura Sanchez-Greenberg EPISODE MINUTE BY MINUTE:

  • 0:02 Welcome to episode 308
  • 1:32 The Dream Think Do App is coming!
  • 3:46 Get to know Laura 
  • 5:52 Conversion starts
  • 5:57 How Laura became passionate about the topic of positivity
  • 7:44 Practical tools for being positive 
  • 12:58 Small things that lead to big impact
  • 15:26 You have to start slow
  • 16:32 Novelty vs. new
  • 21:17 Practical ways to beat the “meh”
  • 25:01 Laura’s final encouragement to you today
  • 25:58 Mitch’s biggest takeaways


I want to hear from you.  What’s something that stood out to you?  What’s something you’re going to try as the result?  Comment below and let me know.  Can’t wait to hear about YOUR experiments.

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