355: Heather Monahan: Bet on YOURSELF! – 5 Keys to Selling Your Ideas

Heather Monahan- Mitch Matthews

355: Heather Monahan: Bet on YOURSELF! – 5 Keys to Selling Your Ideas

Heather Monahan is my guest this week!  Heather is a top keynote speaker and the Best Selling author of “Overcome Your Villans” and “Confidence Creator.”  She’s also the host of the top-rated “Creating Confidence.” 

Heather has an incredible background as a salesperson and C-Suite Exec who got fired unexpectedly. 

She could have given up but she rolled the dice on herself and created her own business… and it’s been an amazing ride. 

This interview is a masterclass on selling your ideas and overcoming negative thinking and negative people. 

Plus, there are some fun backstories on how she got to interview Gary Vaynerchuk for the first episode of her podcast and how she got on the Steve Harvey show.

If you’re needing some powerful and specific strategies to help you sell your ideas (and your products and services too) as well as shed your self-limiting beliefs to live your best life!


Heather’s Website: https://heathermonahan.com/ 

Heather’s Book: Overcome Your Villains: Click here

Heather’s Instagram: Click here


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MINUTE-BY-MINUTE Heather Monahan:

  • 0:02 If you sell something, this episode is for you!
  • 1:41 Get to know Heather
  • 4:17 Conversation starts
  • 5:04 An authentic story of how to take a stand
  • 11:42 The early days of Heather’s career
  • 19:00 Learning from others to get where you want to go
  • 23:23 Why you don’t want to miss out on LinkedIn
  • 26:20 How Heather landed her dream interview
  • 31:13 Who your villain could be
  • 35:53 Stop telling yourself made up stories
  • 38:48 Mitch’s minute

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