I love doing the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast because it gives me the excuse to reach out to freakishly cool people to find out more about their BIG DREAM GATHERING STORIES.

Plus, we get to learn some cool strategies, philosophies and ideas along the way too!

Every so often, I also reach back out to people who have attended a BIG Dream Gathering… and then wound up walking out some amazing dreams by hearing BIG DREAM GATHERING STORIES.

Here are a few of my favorite examples of those:

From Ski Slopes to Bestseller! – An interview with Chandler Bolt

DREAM THINK DO - Chandler Bolt - Mitch Matthews

In this episode, I talk with bestselling author and successful entrepreneur, Chandler Bolt.

We talk about how he posted a dream at a BIG Dream Gathering of writing a book… even though he was a struggling student who didn’t actually like to write.  (He thought!)


Now he has 5 bestsellers to his credit and a 7-figure business helping other people to write and publish books!


Check out my first interview with Chandler by clicking here


I did a follow up interview with Chandler about a year later.  You can hear that second interview by clicking here.

 The Start Up Curve – An Interview with Mike Meyers


In this episode, I speak to TRADEUNIVERSITY’s founder about posting his BIG Dreams on the wall… and how he took a bare bones concept for an app… all the way to launching a successful business.

(Spoiler Alert: It’s a messy process and Mike will be the first one to tell you they’re not an overnight success!)  But they are getting some serious traction and having some HUGE breakthroughs!

We talk through Mike’s inspiring journey… and we also dig into some specific strategies you can use to launch your own dreams… whether it’s to start your own business or just do something new!

Click here to check it out!

Overcoming the Comparison Trap – An Interview with Good Morning America’s Sara Haines


Okay, I’ll admit it.  Sara didn’t post her dreams at a BIG Dream Gathering yet… although she wants to in the future!

BUT my conversation with her about her journey from growing up in a small town in Iowa… to land a spot on the Today Show… and now… Good Morning America… is one that TOTALLY jives with the concepts behind the BIG Dream Gathering!  So I wanted to sneak it in here.

Click here to hear about how she has to watch out for that ultimate “dream killer” of comparison… and find out how she overcomes it!  Plus, we dive into some other strategies for achieving dreams (plus some funny and inspiring stories too)!

If you enjoyed this… you might want to check out my other interview with Sara too.  Click here to hear how she had to break through some serious fear to get her first dream job on the Today Show.

Scoring your Dream Job in the Real World – An Interview with J.T. Fox

041.1_Scoring Dream Job

Maybe one of the dreams you posted was about scoring your dream job.  But maybe… just maybe… that seems a little impossible?

Well, if that’s the case… you need to hear J.T. Fox’s story of scoring is dream job at Fox (no relation) Racing!  It’s nothing short of EPIC!

Plus, we really dig into specific strategies YOU can use to score your dream job too!

Click here to check it out.

Okay… I could go on and on with other examples… but I’m going to limit myself to these for now.

My hope is these will give you some inspiration to keep taking small but significant steps forward towards your dreams and goals.  Why?  Because your dreams matter!

Listen in… and COMMENT below to let me know which conversation, story and/or concept stood out to you.

I’d love to hear from you!

Keep bringing the awesome,


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