Mike Meyers | “The Start Up Curve”

Mike Meyers | "The Start Up Curve"

Mike Meyers | “The Start Up Curve”

In this episode of the DREAM.THINK.DO. podcast, be inspired and take real action with my guest Mike Meyers.

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Got an idea that’s been sittin’ in your brain for a while? Could you use an inspirational push toward some real action? Well, hearing from my guest today, Mike Meyers, might be just what you need! He’s been on an amazing trajectory since college (which wasn’t that long ago) with his new company, Tradeversity.

Hear how Mike didn’t think big—he thought small. He imagined a sharing platform made especially for college students and individual campuses.

Listen in to find out how this “recovering perfectionist” moved from being “stuck” to breaking free to seize the moment. (Even though he wasn’t sure if it was the “perfect time” or not.)

Today you’ll hear way more than Mike’s inspirational story. Plus, he’s got tons of great ideas for weathering the rough times, gaining help and expertise from others, and keeping your focus… no matter what!

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear helpful insights for the toughest part—getting started
  • Understand how sharing your ideas opens up amazing possibilities
  • Learn when Mike thinks is the best time to start a business
  • Get great tips for reaching out to mentors—and learn why that’s so important when starting out
  • Hear what Mike means when he says, “The key is to be interested, not interesting.”
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