JT Fox | Scoring Your Dream Job

Scoring Dream Job

JT Fox | Scoring Your Dream Job

Whether it’s right now or 10 years from now, that job you want or company you’d love to work for is in your reach, on this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast with JT Fox.

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Is it “realistic” to want a dream job?

Do they even exist?

If they do… how do you get one?

Well, it’s possible. Just ask J.T. Fox.

I first met J.T. at Chicago O’Hare when we were both traveling to the same conference. While we were chatting, I uncovered that J.T. had a dream of working for Fox Racing.

It seemed impossible at the time. But after our conversation, J.T. decided to pursue it anyway.

Now, 20 months later, JT is joining me on the DREAM.THINK.DO. podcast.

AND… get this: He did the interview from Fox Racing’s headquarters, where he now works!

I can tell you that this is one of my favorite D.T.D. interviews! In it, J.T. shares his inspiring story of getting in the door at Fox Racing. Plus, we dig into some practical strategies YOU can use too!

[Tweet ““The more people you tell, the more people are going to remind you day to day.” – J.T.Fox, @mitchmatthews #dreamthinkdo”]

Are you obsessed with Prada, and you’d love to help them work their magic? Do you swear by your Mathews bow, and you’d love to help them make it even better? Heck, maybe you LOVE the mission of Tom’s shoes and want to help them spread more of their “good stuff” around the world?

These types of dream jobs may seem impossible. But listen in, get inspired, get equipped and turn YOUR dream job into reality!

J.T. did and you can too!
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