352: Personal Branding for Business and Life with Travis Crutcher

Personal Branding for Business and Life with Travis Crutcher

352: Personal Branding for Business and Life with Travis Crutcher

Travis Crutcher is back as my guest… and THIS time we’re talking about how important the concept of “Personal Branding” needs to be to EVERYONE right now.  No matter what you do for work… whether you own your own business or you work for someone else… personal brand matters. 

AND… let’s be real… personal brand… at least how we’re going to define it… matters in LIFE too.  Now, we’re not talking about trying to be famous or to go all Cardassian.  What we’re talking about is how do you present yourself to the world? 

And we’re going to talk about heart stuff… mental stuff… business strategy and life strategy and I think you’re going to dig it!  Especially if you’re wanting to make an impact on the world in some small or big way.  With your career… your business and… or… your life!  And hey… if you’re listening to DREAM THINK DO… I know that’s true for you!  

Now, I’m going to be talking with my friend Travis Crutcher for this episode.  You may remember from episode 344… but Travis is a Success Coach and Speaker who helps dynamic people get clarity, increase impact, and live a life they love! 

He’s a Retired Army Ranger and he spent some time in the corporate space as an executive too. After all of that… he launched his coaching and speaking business and I’m VERY proud to say that he’s a key member of Acceleration… my mastermind for coaches and speakers. 

And that’s given me a front-row seat to see him applying the concepts we’re going to be talking about in his business and more importantly… he’s also using them to make the world a better place!  

Oh… and make sure you listen to the very end… because even though my bride Melissa isn’t “officially” on this episode… I tell a story about her that Travis and I agreed… allowed her to steal the show!  So yeah… stay with it!  I think you’re going to dig it… so let’s dive in!

“PERCEPTIONS – Next Level Branding – LIVE EVENT

UPDATE: We sold out the LIVE PERCEPTIONS Event LIVE 2022 but… if you’d like to hang out with Travis and Mitch more… go here to check out their next LIVE event: www.mitchmatthews.com/perceptions


Travis’s Website: https://traviscrutcher.com

Travis’s Podcast: Above Average Podcast


3 Keys to Breaking Free from Your Past with Travis Crutcher: www.mitchmatthews.com/344

5 Keys to Launching Your Own Podcast: https://mitchmatthews.com/350 

Busting Free from Analysis Paralysis with Amanda Zwanziger: https://mitchmatthews.com/338/

MORE ABOUT THE Personal Branding for Business and Life with Travis Crutcher EPISODE:

Questions we dig into:

  • What is “PERSONAL BRAND” and why does it need to matter to everyone?
  • What is PERSONA and how does it get in the way?
  • Where have you screwed up when it comes to your personal brand?
  • How do we break through to our TRUE IDENTITY?
  • Why is it important to function from your true identity?
  • What are some of the ways to do that in business and in life?


  • 0:02 Let’s talk about personal branding
  • 2:45 Why you need to listen to the end of this episode
  • 4:11 The definition of a “personal brand”
  • 7:40 Why faking it till you make it never works
  • 11:20 The best time to grow a network
  • 13:44 The freedom we when operating out of identity
  • 18:45 When Mitch started to drop the persona
  • 27:10 The longer you fake it, the faster you can lose yourself.
  • 33:23 Sometimes your personal brand will rub others wrong
  • 37:03 Never play yourself small again
  • 42:10 How to better build your personal brand today
  • 47:07 Don’t dismiss something just because it’s familiar
  • 55:22 Being the change you want to see more of in the world
  • 1:01:21 Mitch’s minute

I want to hear from YOU!  

What’s something that clicked with you?  What’s something that didn’t?  I want to hear from YOU!!!

More importantly… where are you going to start to do something a little differently with YOUR personal brand?  Leave a comment and let us know!!!  I can’t wait to hear from YOU!

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