346: It’s officially “RESET WEEK” to get clear on our goals and new habits and RESTART 2022!

RESET WEEK- Mitch Matthews

346: It’s officially “RESET WEEK” to get clear on our goals and new habits and RESTART 2022!

We’re declaring this week (the 3rd week of January) as our first annual: “RESET WEEK!”  Why?  Well… I think we can all agree that it’s a solid idea to establish a specific time each year to set some new goals and start some new habits. 

That’s a good and healthy thing.  Right?  But who’s the jackhole who suggested we try doing that during the holidays???  Seriously?  That timing is nuts!  Heck… I think it’s the biggest reason why most New Year’s resolutions fail so quickly!!! 

Think about it… is the best time to start a new diet really the same week you’re just coming off a glutinous multi-day tour of Christmas meals with four different sets of the family?  Is the best time to establish a new exercise plan really the same week you haven’t gotten out of your PJ’s for 3 out of 7 days? 

Is the best time to experiment with better spending habits the same week the employees at Target started to greet you by your first name when you walked in for that one last “quick” gift?  The answer is no.  A very solid no.  On all counts.

That’s why we’re calling THIS week our first… official… “RESET WEEK!”

In this podcast, I walk you through three powerful and deceptively simple (and fun) strategies to help you set some new goals, get clear on what you want and truly thrive this WEEK and this YEAR!  Let’s give ourselves some grace and some space to “reset” and to set ourselves up for a MUCH better year!  Who’s with me?  #letsdothis

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We’re digging into 3 questions to help guide you through your “RESET WEEK!”

Question 1: What’s something you want to give yourself PERMISSION to be a NOVICE at?

Question 2: What’s something you want to BE more this year?

SPECIFIC STRATEGY for QUESTION 2: It’s always good to ask yourself “What do I want to DO today?”  Right?  That’s a solid question.  But it can also be powerful to first ask yourself, “What do I want to BE more today?”

I’ll talk you through this more on the episode but here are some sample “BE” words to get you started:

Brave Loving Innovative Strong Hope-filled
Assertive Faithful Faith-filled Generous Present
Kind Resourceful Resilient Joy-filled Relational
Trustworthy Trusting Open Boundaried Grace-filled


  • Come up with some of your “BE” words this year
  • Create a list and keep them so you can refer to them weekly / daily
  • As you’re planning for your week and/or day… decide on a few “BE” words to focus on
  • Then tie some specific items on your “To-Do” list to those words to keep them top of mind

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Here’s the 3rd question to help guide you through your “RESET WEEK!”

Question 3: What’s something you want to change or tweak this year?

It can be big or small… but here’s a simple process to help you get clear on a few specific things.

STEP 1: Create a list of “possible” areas for tweaks and changes. 

Here are some areas to consider.













STEP 2: Pick one to three and ask yourself, “Why would this be important to change this year?”

“If you get clear on your WHY, your HOW will always come!”

STEP 3: Ask yourself, “What’s one small but significant step I could take this week?”

PERSONAL EXAMPLE: I love doing this DREAM THINK DO podcast, but as it grows… it’s possible to fall out of love with it.  It can get overwhelming.  Example: We get 50+ pitches a week to be on the show!

But I prayed about it and took this 3-step process.  As a result, I realized for 2022, I’m going to simplify and only teach from 3 different playbooks I’m excited about!  

  • The Abundant Life Playbook
  • The Elite Coach Playbook
  • The Growing Business Playbook

Then… as another small but significant step, I put a schedule together for the Q1… listing out all the things we could dig into based on those 3 playbooks… and I started to get more and more excited!

So strap in folks… 2022 is going to be an AWESOME year and we’re going to get a LOT done!!!



  • 0:02 Welcome to Reset week!
  • 1:45 Why Mitch is pumped for this episode
  • 4:00 Is New Year really the best time to set goals?
  • 8:43 Question #1 to help you reset
  • 14:30 Embracing silence (even if it’s uncomfortable)
  • 2:30 Why you need a buddy on the journey!
  • 21:20 Question #2 to help you reset
  • 27:15 How Mitch keeps his goals in front of him
  • 31:20 Shoutouts! Did you hear your name?
  • 35:55 Question #3 to help you reset
  • 44:08 What Dream Think Do is going to be like in 2022
  • 51:15 Quick recap of today’s show


Leave a comment and let me know what stood out to you (big or small) from this episode.  Then include something (big or small) you’re going to do to RESET!  Oh… and if you think giving yourself some intentional time and space to RESET is important… let me know you agree!  

Lastly, don’t forget to invite a friend to RESET with you!  Share the episode with them and come up with your ways to RESET and make 2022 a great year… no matter what!

  • Amanda Mahannah
    Posted at 14:12h, 25 January Reply

    Mitch, Thank you for the practical questions and examples! I am encouraged to get back to/explore some of the things that most bring life… and maybe even get back to my old website. ~Amanda

    • Mitch Matthews
      Posted at 14:40h, 25 January Reply

      Soooooo glad to hear it resonated Amanda! Absolutely!!! It’s time to RESET my friend!!!

  • Twiana Armstrong
    Posted at 15:33h, 25 January Reply

    Mitch, your generosity is overwhelming! One of the reasons I chose to join Acceleration. I started my coaching business, It’s Personal Enterprises, as well as, a nonprofit, seeMYchild around the same time. The nonprofit is growing, really grateful to my community for their willingness to be a part of seeMYchild. In 2022 I want to grow my leadership coaching business. Your words of wisdom are inspirational in keeping focused. So appreciate your openly talking about your faith. Another reason why I joined Acceleration, your walk with fulfilling our commissions. Thank you!

    • Mitch Matthews
      Posted at 16:18h, 25 January Reply

      You are pure awesome Twiana!!! Thanks for your kind words and HEY… I’m loving these goals for you for 2022!!! Yes and amen to allllllll of that! It’s going to be a good year my friend!

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