337: Dream Big. Start Small.

lindsay wrege- Intreview with Mitch Matthews

337: Dream Big. Start Small.

We’re talking with Lindsay Wrege.  Lindsay is the co-founder and CEO of 321 Coffee… which is a coffee shop and roaster in Raleigh, NC that employs individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Get this gang… 80% of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are unemployed.  But Lindsay is doing something about this!  Her staff features amazing people with down syndrome, autism, and other neurodiversity. 

Together… they are modeling inclusion for other companies to follow. And THAT is inspiring. 

But what is ALSO inspiring is to find out that Lindsay started this as a freshman in college with ZERO dollars, some folding tables from the student union, and a few friends and it’s blossomed into something amazing!  (Oh… and by the way… Lindsay is just 22 years old!) 

Whether you are 15, 35, or 75… I think you’ll be encouraged by her story, her heart, and some of her specific steps to making this all happen!  So, let’s get to it!

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WEBSITE: https://321coffee.com/

321 Coffee’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Drink321Coffee/

321 Coffee’s IG: ​https://www.instagram.com/Drink321Coffee/

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MORE ABOUT THE 321 Coffee:

Again… Lindsay Wrege is the co-founder and CEO of 321 Coffee, a coffee shop and roaster in Raleigh, NC that employs individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 321 Coffee is a nonprofit coffee shop that employs adults with IDD.

Their mission is to provide meaningful employment for adults with IDD and to model inclusion for other businesses to follow. 


  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:37 Episode starts
  • 3:29 A look into 321 Coffee
  • 10:06 How and why Lindsay decided to experiment
  • 18:21 One of the scariest decisions Lindsay had to make
  • 22:37 Lindsay advice for anyone building something
  • 26:51 Tips for being more inclusive
  • 31:40 The power of speaking your dreams out
  • 33:51 Mitch’s minute


I’m blown away by Lindsay’s story and her get-it-done approach to this.  When she said, “Dream BIG but start small” I just wanted to give her a big ol’ high five!  (You could probably hear it in my voice!)  I think that is THE way to start pursuing our dreams and goals. 

Find those small but significant ways to START and then… well… START!  Experiment and figure it out as you go!!!  

How about YOU?

What do you think?  What were something that stood out to you from Lindsay’s story and her outlook?  What did it inspire YOU to… dream about… think about… or DO?!?  Leave a comment and let me know!

And PLEASE share this one because the world needs to hear stories like Lindsay’s!  Do you agree?  If so… spread it!!!  Thanks in advance!

  • Jason Rogers
    Posted at 14:10h, 14 January Reply

    Hi Mitch , not so sure these messages make it to you , but here goes . I’ve been stuck in a job that makes me miserable for over 19 years now . I’m an entrepreneur at heart, but taking care of my family financially has always taken precedence over adventures , or dreams . I’ve been itching to startup my own business ,but I’ve been too afraid to make the jump . This fear is what led me to your podcast in the first place . I needed Inspiration, someone to tell me it’s ok to dream , and its achievable . You’ve been that guy for me Mitch . The fact your a Christian was icing on the cake , as we share the same faith . This episode in particular was the catalyst I needed , the push ! JUST START SMALL ! It seems so obvious and simple, yet profound for me . So , I’m doing just that. We will soon be launching our new business selling deep fried cinnamon rolls ! Setting up a tent and table , wherever people will allow us , sound familiar ? And to bring it full circle , we just so happen to live close to Raleigh NC and we’ll be setting up occasionally at the Raleigh farmers market . Crazy enough , where there is still a 321 Coffee booth still today ! Nuts right ! We will be posting up at the same place where Lyndsey started , and its specifically her story that was the push we needed ! Start small ,but just start ! I can’t say enough about how much your podcast has encouraged me to step out , and I can’t wait to see where this grows ….and goes !
    God bless you and your family Mitch and whatever journeys await you !

    Jason Rogers

    • Mitch Matthews
      Posted at 14:45h, 14 January Reply

      Absolutely Jason! We see every comment and appreciate each one… especially when they’re as heart-felt and awesome as this one! You’re walking out an inspiring journey my friend! Not easy… but certainly inspiring! Stay the course and keep taking those small but important steps forward!!! It may not be a fast process… but as they say… slow and steady wins the race!!! Thanks so much for listening and thanks so much for the kind feedback!

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