388: Aree Bly: The Analytical Mind’s Guide to Dreaming Big & Living your BEST LIFE!

Aree Bly

388: Aree Bly: The Analytical Mind’s Guide to Dreaming Big & Living your BEST LIFE!

Aree Bly is joining us!  Aree was a successful actuary for a number of years.  She was VERY good at it… because she has a highly analytical mind.

But then found she had a true passion for personal and professional development… and she realized she was also REALLY good at helping other “analyticals” to get clear on what they wanted in their life and in their careers… and then build a plan to achieve it.

So… in 2018… she became certified as an Elite Success Coach! And that’s when she started to coach… but she also became an in-demand keynote speaker and workshop facilitator! 

And now… her brand new book… “The Sustainable Brain – An Analytical Mind’s Guide to Creating a Sustainable Life” just hit the shelves and people are LOVING it!

Aree is amazing at helping analytical professionals unlock their potential, clarify their vision and create sustainable and fulfilling careers and lives!  So you KNOW this is an powerful episode!

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  • 00:00 Introduction To Today’s Interview With Aree Bly 
  • 00:27 Introducing Aree and Her Unique Perspective
  • 02:02 Aree’s Journey from Actuary to Coach
  • 03:13 The Sustainable Brain: An Analytical Mind’s Guide
  • 03:49 Understanding the Concept of a Sustainable Brain
  • 04:07 Aree’s Personal Journey to Sustainability
  • 04:50 The Importance of Balancing Brain and Heart
  • 05:16 Addressing the Success Trap
  • 06:40 The Role of Experimentation in Personal Development
  • 07:58 Aree’s Transition to Full-Time Coaching
  • 08:15 Recognizing Signs of Unsustainability
  • 12:17 Aree’s Approach to Cultivating a Sustainable Brain
  • 14:19 Aree’s Personal Experience with Experimentation
  • 23:03 Cultivating a Sustainable Brain in Younger Generations
  • 30:04 Mitch’s Minute! What Resonated With You Today?


How about YOU!?  Do YOU think the “Analytical” dreams and visions differently?  

Did you connect with Aree’s approach to creating a more “Sustainable Life?”

More importantly… I’m curious. (Like always!)  What part of the idea or strategy that resonated with you?  

More specifically… what’s something (BIG or small) YOU want to try as a result? 

Lastly… PLEASE share this powerful episode with an “Analytical” who YOU think would appreciate it and/or might be needing it… right now!  

They’ll thank you!

And hey… remember… I’m rooting for you!



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