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Let’s talk: TIME BLOCKING.  As you probably know… “time blocking” is a type of scheduling that helps you manage your time more effectively.  The key is scheduling specific blocks of time for certain tasks on a routine basis. These blocks enable you to focus on finishing big and small tasks… one at a time. This helps limit distractions, get things done faster, and leaves you feeling less overwhelmed.

This is especially powerful if you’re working on something new or a side hustle, and you need to make/find time to get things done.  In this episode, we do a DEEP DIVE on the 5 keys to effective time blocking. Plus, we throw in a case study with one of my coaching clients who’s been experimenting with TB for a few months. We’re going to talk with him about what he’s learned and what he wishes he’d known earlier!



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As we’ve said, “time blocking” is an approach to scheduling that enables you to prioritize your time more efficiently.  The core concept is scheduling specific blocks on your calendar for specific types of tasks on a routine basis.  


These rhythms help you to focus and it helps limit distractions.  That way you can get things done faster, and have more clarity as you do!   


This is incredibly powerful if you’re wanting to focus on a big project, launching something new or working a side hustle.  It will help you to make/find time to get things done. I’m going to walk you through the 5 Keys to effective time blocking plus, we’re going to hear from one of my coaching clients who’s been killing it with these strategies for the last few months.  We’re going to talk about what’s worked and what he wished he’d known earlier.


Here are the KEYS to EFFECTIVE Time Blocking:


KEY 1: Decide on HOW MANY hours you want/can work on your project/hobby/business MOST weeks.    


When we dig into this KEY, we’ll discuss the importance of involving other key players in your life in this decision.  Plus, we talk about why this is so important early on. (And… why that number may be smaller than you’d like… but it’s still CRITICAL!!!)


KEY 2: Decide on WHEN you want to SPEND those hours MOST weeks.    


The key here is sustainability and consistency.  It’s sooooo easy to try to force 5 lbs of almonds into a 2 lbs bag… but you’ll get more done in less time… if you block out appointments with yourself to get key work done in advance.  


We talk about one strategy to help with those especially wild weeks and how to bring those back into check too.


KEY 3: Then SCHEDULE protected “meetings” with yourself to protect your TIME BLOCKS.     


This is imperative and takes some time to get used to, but it will make all the difference.  It’s as simple as going to your calendar and making appointments with yourself for specific tasks.  You’ll need to check things against your day-to-day schedule… and then establish strategies for protecting your time blocks as the “wildness of life” comes.  (Because… as we all know… it will come!)  


KEY 4: DECIDE on some “rules” to guide you on when you would cancel a time block and when you’d protect it!      


This “key” is included because we’re using TIME BLOCKING in the real world.  As we said, “wildness of life” will come, but now’s your chance to prep for it.  You’ll want to involve other key players and stakeholders… so everyone can be on the same page when you’re making decisions to switch or stick with a time block.  Plus, you’ll want to decide on some “nice” ways to say NO.


KEY 5: DECIDE on what you want to ACCOMPLISH during a specific time block BEFORE it starts.

This “hidden” key is at the heart of making TIME BLOCKING truly work for you.  If you want to really maximize your time block, decide what you’re going to do… BEFORE you get rolling with it.  We’ll talk about some strategies to keeping a running list of “to-do” list and prioritizing your “to-do’s” based on IMPORTANCE first, urgency second.  Plus, we’ll talk about one core concept on this front that will make ALL the difference… but you have to listen to get THAT one.  


Leave a comment below.  Let me know what you think and where you might start to use TIME BLOCKING.  I’d love to hear from you! And/or… if you’re already a TIME BLOCKING NINJA… let us know a favorite strategy or revelation you’ve had about this powerful concept!  I can’t wait to hear from YOU!



  • 0:02 What to expect today!
  • 3:19 Let’s talk about time blocking
  • 5:55 What is time blocking?
  • 9:49 The importance of experimenting
  • 12:14 The keys of time blocking
  • 19:48 How do your loved ones fit into blocking?
  • 23:29 Scheduling in
  • 25:16 Justin’s case study
  • 26:32 What Justin’s life was like before time blocking
  • 28:36 How Justin fit time blocking into his schedule
  • 36:44 How Justin maximizes time blocking
  • 39:26 What Justin wishes he would have known earlier
  • 40:55 Mitch’s biggest takeaways


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  • Stephanie Maat
    Posted at 15:53h, 09 October Reply

    Great information Mitch. I printed the handout and took lots of notes. I know a lot of this, but it is still a great reminder as I enter into a different phase of my life. I love the case study….nice to hear from someone who is/was experiencing this challlenge and how they applied the tools you are providing to their situation. Great job!

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