387: ONE PLACE WELL – A solocast with Mitch Matthews

A solocast with Mitch Matthews

387: ONE PLACE WELL – A solocast with Mitch Matthews

I’ll shoot straight with you.  In THIS episode… I dig into one of the most important epiphanies I’ve had in YEARS!  If you’ve been feeling a little (or a lot) frazzled, stretched, stressed or easily offended… THIS episode is for YOU!  If you’ve been finding it a little bit easier to move into “comparison mode” more lately… THIS episode is for YOU!  If you’ve been feeling pressure to be EVERYTHING and to be EVERYWHERE… this episode is for you!  So let’s get to it!

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  • 00:00 Introduction to today’s episode, as Mitch Matthews shares a game changing epiphany! 
  • 02:00 Hear about Mitch’s epiphany found through prayer and how there is truth in it for everyone
  • 04:00 How we can allow frustration to overtake our minds and build narratives in our head
  • 09:00 The power of prayer and inviting God into a conversation  
  • 13:00 The “everything, everywhere fallacy” concept and do you get caught up in it?
  • 17:00 Learning how to do one place well and what those places are 
  • 20:26 How can we lean into some specific things more intentionally? 
  • 21:33 Living a “one place well” life can shift your frustration to empathy and joy 
  • 25:39 Where and how can you apply this concept in your life? 
  • 28:36 Mitch shares how this concept has impacted his business and relationships 
  • 31:00 Mitch’s Minute! Here are two questions for you to process this week! 


How about YOU!?  What stood out to you from this convo and the strategies and observations that Andy mentioned?

Plus… I’m curious. (Like always!)  What part of the idea of the TRUE GEEK CULTURE that resonated with you?  Whether you lead a software company, run a restaurant or teach in a classroom… we can ALL lean into the concepts of SCIENCE, OWNERSHIP, SPEED and OPENNESS more.  But what specifically stood out to YOU!?

Lastly… PLEASE share this powerful episode with someone who YOU think would appreciate it and/or might be needing it… right now!  They’ll thank you!

Know I’m rooting for you!



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