386: The Most Important Technological Revolution of Our Time with Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee

386: The Most Important Technological Revolution of Our Time with Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee is joining us for DREAM THINK DO!

Andrew is a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  He’s also the co-founder and co-director of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy.

Oh… and he’s the inaugural Visiting Fellow at the Technology and Society organization at Google. 

Andrew studies how technological progress changes the world and his next book “The Geek Way” he explores what he’s calling the most important technological revolution of our time!  So… yes… let’s talk about THAT!

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Andrew’s new book: THE GEEK WAY: Click here


Andrew McAfee on X/Twitter: @amcafee

MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy.


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  • 00:00 Introduction to the episode and our conversation with Andrew McAfee
  • 01:40 Andrew McAfee studies how technological progress changes the world 
  • 02:25 Andrew dives into the meaning behind his book, “The Geek Way” 
  • 04:34 What Andrew saw emerging that led him to write this book 
  • 06:21 How the geek way is duplicated and implemented into any business 
  • 07:53 The four norms that all successful organizations have 
  • 13:07 Examples of non-tech organizations that are implementing this method well
  • 15:14 The importance of being open and transparent as possible as a business 
  • 17:06 Andrew talks about the cultural evolution and how it plays into the geek way 
  • 21:14 The behavior of senior leaders matters when it comes to creating culture 
  • 24:07 How to follow Andrew and where to find his book, “The Geek Way” 
  • 25:00 One thing that Andrew would equip somebody with to pursue the geek way
  • 28:52 Mitch’s Minute! Biggest takeaways from our conversation with Andrew McAfee


How about YOU!?  What stood out to you from this convo and the strategies and observations that Andy mentioned?

Plus… I’m curious. (Like always!)  What part of the idea of the TRUE GEEK CULTURE that resonated with you?  Whether you lead a software company, run a restaurant or teach in a classroom… we can ALL lean into the concepts of SCIENCE, OWNERSHIP, SPEED and OPENNESS more.  But what specifically stood out to YOU!?

Lastly… PLEASE share this powerful episode with someone who YOU think would appreciate it and/or might be needing it… right now!  They’ll thank you!

Know I’m rooting for you!



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