380: Alex Weber and the 3 Keys to Becoming UNSTOPPABLE!

Alex Weber

380: Alex Weber and the 3 Keys to Becoming UNSTOPPABLE!

Alex Weber is our guest!  Alex and I shared the stage at a conference recently and this dude blew the room away! He’s an International Keynote Speaker on Leadership and Peak Performance.  And he’s speaking to audiences around the country.  

Plus… Alex is a NINJA!!!  That’s right!  He was a commentator on American Ninja Warrior… but then he’s the only person to both HOST… and then COMPETE in the show’s long history!  How freeeegin awesome is that!!??!!  

He’s a World Record Holder, and one of the youngest Coaches ever to win US Lacrosse Coach of the Year Honors.  Now… he’s a speaker… a coach… an acclaimed author… of the book FAIL PROOF: Become the Unstoppable You.  We’re going to be talk about his journey and what it takes to become unstoppable!  Let’s do this!

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Alex Weber’s Website: www.imalexweber.com

Alex’s Book: Fail Proof: Become the Unstoppable You 

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We’ve actually had another American Ninja Warrior on the show!  Her name is Mckenna Haase and she’s wildly inspiring!  Check out her DTD interview here: mitchmatthews.com/mckenna-haase/

We’ve also had another Alex on DTD who’s also pursuing a BIG Dream in LA!  That’s right. My son, Alex Matthews!  In this episode, we talk about Alex’s novel “Waking Up” and we talk about what it’s like to be a working actor in LA.  mitchmatthews.com/271/ 

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I loved this conversation!  Alex dropped a ton of wisdom and so much heart!  He’s got a total DREAM THINK DO story cooking!

I’m curious.  

What’s something that resonated with you?  

More importantly… what’s something you’re going to DO as a result?

I want to hear from YOU!  

Leave a comment and let’s hear from YOU!

And hey… keep bringing YOUR awesome!!!


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