ALEX MATTHEWS – Waking Up to a Dream

Alex Matthews Interview with Mitch Matthews

ALEX MATTHEWS – Waking Up to a Dream

We’re talking to Alex Matthews.  Alex’s new book is out this week.  It’s a 500+ page coming-of-age post-apocalyptic thriller called, “Waking Up: Summer.”  Alex is 19 years old… and I’m very proud to say he’s also my son.  In the interview, we talk about the book itself and the story behind it.  Plus, we dig into Alex’s creative process and some important things he’s learned along the way about going after creative dreams.



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Description of the book:

Before the bio weapon was created, Timberwolf was simply known as Alex and his home was a safe place.  But when a monstrous sickness was released into the world everything changed.

Nothing and no one stayed the same.

He would’ve never predicted that in just one day, all that mattered to him could be shredded by the fangs of those creatures.  

Follow Timberwolf as he’s forced to engage in a world controlled by leaders who blur the lines between human and monster.  

Can he stay true to his values… let alone survive?  

Or will all hope be lost in this new place he’s forced to call home?  Waking Up: Summer is a dark coming of an age horror novel with an imaginative twist.  

If you like stories of dystopian worlds, reimagined sci-fi and plenty of surprises, then you’ll love Alex Matthews’ end of the world adventure.




Here’s a little more about Alex as we get started.

Alex is a full-time student at an acting school in Los Angeles… but he’s home for a bit during this weird and wild season.  He had to deal with some tough stuff early in life… but I think that contributed to him being pretty darn creative and incredibly adventurous.  Which led him to be very active in theater, speech, and creative writing.  

Plus, he and our older son Ben have made over 30 short films in the last few years.  See their Youtube Link above.

I’m excited for you to meet him… so let’s get to this. 



  • 0:02 Who today’s episode is for
  • 1:08 Meet Alex
  • 3:22 A look into “Waking Up”
  • 7:06 When Alex decided to turn his old journals into the book
  • 11:09 The hardest part of writing a book
  • 16:09 How to get feedback on sample writing
  • 19:35 How Alex paid for an editor
  • 26:31 How it feels leading up to a book launch
  • 28:65 Alex’s advice for future writers
  • 30:47 Where to find Alex’s book
  • 32:47 Wisdom of the week
  • 35:11 Mitch’s biggest takeaways



So… I know one of my favorite parts of the conversation was when Alex talked about the way he “gradually” started to share the book over time.  That was such a simple way to break through the fear that could potentially shut him down.  I know I might be a little biased but that’s dang brilliant.

How about you?

What’s something that stood out to you from the conversation?  

Leave a comment and let me know!  I can’t wait to hear from YOU!

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  • Avis Bridgers
    Posted at 08:50h, 29 May Reply

    This is such a great story on so many levels – the vividness of Alex’s dreams ( I still can’t access mine!), that they continued night after night, that he wrote them all down so they weren’t lost over time, that he pushed through the fear/discomfort of sharing them (something else I do poorly), and then launching the book at this perfect and unprecedented time! Congratulations to Alex and his whole family for exemplifying the Dream-Think-Do mindset!

    • Mitch Matthews
      Posted at 07:29h, 15 June Reply

      Thanks SOOO much Avis! Thanks for the encouragement and the feedback! Yes, it was a wild time but writing down those dreams really helped in the moment. Who knew Alex would later take them and turn them into a 400+ book??? You’re right! That is the DREAM THINK DO way!!! Thanks so much for listening!!!

  • Leslie Berg
    Posted at 00:09h, 15 June Reply

    What an amazing young man – no surprise – talented and amazing family. Loved hearing this podcast and excited to see all the creative things Alex does! Just signed up to read the first couple chapters. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world, Matthews Family!

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