367: 6 Things I wish I’d known Sooner about being a Paid Public Speaker with Travis Crutcher

Paid Public Speaker

367: 6 Things I wish I’d known Sooner about being a Paid Public Speaker with Travis Crutcher

Travis Crutcher is back. THIS time we’re talking about Professional SPEAKING. More specifically… we’re digging into 6 things we wish we’d known earlier… when it comes to getting paid to speak… and being a professional speaker.

If you’re a Dream Think Doer… there is a VERY good chance… you’ve got a message the world needs to hear!  Because you’re taking time out of your week… to listen to stories and strategies that help you to dream bigger… think better… and do more.  You’re investing in yourself.  And my guess is… you also want to see OTHERS dream bigger… think better and do more!

That means… you’ve got a message to share.  You’ve got stories and strategies in you that need to get out… because they can help other people!  So let’s get you some specific strategies to help make that happen!




Lisa Even from episode 366 attended last year’s NEXT LEVEL SPEAKER and it was a game changer!  She’s had incredible “Ripple Effect” ever since!

From FREE to FEE: 5 Specific Strategies to help you become a PAID Speaker: mitchmatthews.com/332/ 

8 Tips to Get Over the FEAR of Public Speaking: mitchmatthews.com/076  


Now… some of you have NO interest in being a PAID professional speaker… because… maybe… you don’t really like public speaking.  Heck… that’s understandable… because studies show that more people are afraid of public speaking then they are of dying!  So yeah… if you bristle at the thought of being a speaker… let alone a PAID speaker… you’re not alone.

BUT… what if?

What if you could get over that fear… and you could step in front of a group of people… and bless their socks off?  What if… the words you shared shifted people’s lives?  What if… something you said inspired someone to make a change they’ve wanted to make or live more of the life they were meant to live?  What if?

I think everyone can learn strategies to overcome fear… and then speak more effectively… and even have fun with it!

But I also believe that some of you should get paid well to do that too!

And THAT might be closer at hand than you might think!

Heck… we’ve got a lot of listeners that are paid speakers… and if that’s you… WELL DONE!

BUT with today’s episode… I wanted to get to brass tacks and give you even more to help you take your ideas and your abilities to speak to the next level… and… if you chose… to help you get PAID well as a speaker!

To do that… I’ve enlisted my friend Travis Crutcher!

I’m betting you remember Travis from episode 344… AND 352. 

Travis is a Success Coach and Speaker who helps dynamic people get clarity, increase impact, and live a life they love!  Now… he also has a podcast called the Above Average Podcast… which he hosts with his amazing bride Jess… and they’ve gotten their show into the top 1% of all podcasts in a very short time!  He’s a Retired Army Ranger and he spent some time in the corporate space as an executive too. 

A few years ago… Travis joined Acceleration… my mastermind for coaches and speakers… and he launched his dream business and now he’s killing it!  And a big part of that is being a PAID speaker… and he’s getting paid well to speak to audiences and make a big impact!

By the way… he’s such a leader… and his business is growing like crazy… so he’s now helping me to run Acceleration and I’m loving it!

With this episode… we’re diving into speaking and specifically 6 things we wish we’d known earlier when it comes to speaking and being PAID to be a speaker.  And we’re going to talk about heart stuff… mental stuff… business strategy and life strategy and I think you’re going to dig it!  

Especially if you’re wanting to make an impact on the world in some small or big way… and potentially get paid well to do it!  


How about YOU!?  What stood out to you from this conversation?

Also, let me know if you have questions (big or small) about being a speaker!  I want to hear from you!!!

And PLEASE share this very fun/powerful episode with someone who YOU think would appreciate it and/or might be needing it… right now!  They’ll thank you!

Know I’m rooting for you!


Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:02 Let’s talk about speaking!
  • 7:12 Welcome back Travis 
  • 8:53 How Travis wrote his keynote 
  • 9:44 How Mitch got into speaking
  • 13:07 The 3 types of audiences
  • 18:07 Overcome the fear of the audience
  • 20:44 Mitch’s most embarrassing/funny moment on stage
  • 23:12 The Paid and Pastor speaking model
  • 29:08 How Travis connects with an audience
  • 33:24 The importance of speaking with empathy
  • 43:38 What’s a “one sheet” 
  • 47:45 Why charging for a keynote can help the audience 
  • 50:42 Why NOW is the best time to start speaking
  • 51:11 Mitches Minute: Biggest takeaways and action steps
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