321: Karena and Mia Steir – The Surprise Gifts of a Dream Journey

Karena and Mia Steir

321: Karena and Mia Steir – The Surprise Gifts of a Dream Journey

Today, we’re talking with Karena and Mia Steir.  These are two amazing humans… with incredible stories.  But we’re going to focus on ONE particular story from something that started at a BIG Dream Gathering a few years ago. 

I mentioned this story in episode 311 and you guys let me know you LOVED it.  It was the story of Mia… who came to the BIG Dream Gathering and decided that one of her big dreams was to write a book.  Well…

she was really inspired by a number of people in the room… (and her mom Karena).  So… with the support of her parents… Mia got ‘er done and wrote that book (“Victoria… the Drama Investigator) in record time!!! 

Not only that but she was able to get that book into schools across the country!  So, we’re going to dig into their inspiring story… and more importantly, talk about the power of pursuing dreams at ANY age and the surprise gifts that can come along the way.  Let’s get to this!

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Click here to find out more about Mia’s book, “Victoria – The Drama Investigator.”  

Click here to connect with KarenaSteir on LinkedIn

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The “Dream Together” app is designed to help you clarify your goals as well as connect with like-minded individuals so you can “dream together” to make those dreams (big or small) a reality!


STEP 1: Download the app.

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STEP 2: Sign up and enter the group code: dreamthinkdo

STEP 3: Be inspired by the dreams that are already there.  Then… follow and encourage a dream or two!

STEP 4: Post at least one of your own dreams… and then invite friends to join you so you can DREAM TOGETHER!

Let’s do this!

PICS from Mia’s Dream Journey:

mia Mia’s Dream Journey Mia’s Dream Journey Mia’s Dream Journey


  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:48: Download the dream together app
  • 2:50 Karena and Mia Steir
  • 4:11 Conversation starts
  • 4:57 When Mia knew she could dream big
  • 6:23 How Mia turned her dream sheet into a reality 
  • 11:45 Why Mia’s book should be in every school
  • 17:20 What Mia has learned chasing her dream
  • 19:40 When Mia went on a mini speaking tour
  • 25:11 Learning challenges and gifting
  • 31:50 Advice for anyone scared to dream
  • 33:06 Advice for parents that have a dreaming kid
  • 35:04 Mitch’s biggest takeaways 


Leave a comment and let me know what stood out from Karena and Mia’s story!  What do YOU think?  How important is it to go after dreams… at any age?  What do YOU think about the idea that sometimes the very best parts of the dream journey are the ones you don’t expect?  Seriously… let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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