YOU and the “Dream Together” App

Hello and welcome!

If you’re here… there’s a very good chance you’ve heard about our NEW app called, “Dream Together.”

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1.) Download the app.

2.) Create a profile.

3.) Use “dreamthinkdo” as your group code.

4.) Start dreaming & Encouraging!


The Dream Together App:

Dream Together is a free app designed to help people to clarify their goals and connect with like-minded individuals so they can work together to make those dreams (big or small) a reality!

We know there’s a lot of division and polarization in the world, but we believe it doesn’t have to be that way.  Things can change.

In fact, we want to do our part to show that a group of people from all walks of life can come together to help each other to achieve dreams.

And… maybe… just maybe… as we do that… prove to the world that most people really do want to help each other.

They just need an opportunity… and a safe (and fun) platform to do it with!

SOME HISTORY on Dream Together:

The “Dream Together” app was inspired by events called, “BIG Dream Gatherings.

These Gatherings got their start when one of Mitch Matthews’ own dreams was on the ropes.

Instead of giving up, he invited friends to his home to “dream together.”

Everyone wrote down some of their own dreams an

d goals and literally posted them on the walls.  Then they all looked to see if they could help each other out.

Word got out and more friends, neighbors… in some cases… complete strangers came to post their dreams and dream together. In fact, that first “Gathering” was only supposed to last a few hours, but it wound up going for a FULL WEEK!

All sorts of dreams got posted and many people got the help they needed to get started.

Mitch Matthews with Kids

That sparked a movement and Matthews started to hold “BIG Dream Gatherings” around the country with people from all walks of life coming to dream together.

More importantly… we had so many people “dream together” and make big and small dreams happen!

MIA – 9-Year-Old Author

Stories like 9-year-old Mia.  She wanted to write a book “some day,” but she was encouraged by her fellow dreamers to start.  So… she wrote her book, “Victoria – The Drama Investigator” in ONE YEAR and how it’s enjoyed by fellow elementary school students wanting to avoid drama! 🙂

MANDY – Helping in Africa

Or… Mandy… who had a dream of helping orphans in Africa.  It seemed like an impossible dream when she wrote it down.  But she was in Africa within 6 months after voicing the dream… thanks to some encouragement and support of her fellow dreamers!


TYSON – Dream Internship

When Tyson posted about his dream of an Internship that would allow him to use his ability to speak German… he was nervous.

He didn’t feel like he had the connections he needed and he wasn’t sure what his resume needed to look like.  But his fellow dreamers came alongside him to get him prepared and connected!  He took their suggestions and worked hard.  Much to his surprise… he had his Dream Internship within 1 year!

The impossible can see possible when we’re willing to DREAM TOGETHER!

So… it’s Time to Dream Together on a bigger scale!

Obviously, it’s difficult for large groups of Dreamers to be in the same space right now, so we decided it was time to bring the idea to an app so people from around the world could dream big… and more importantly… DREAM TOGETHER!

We hope you join us to post some of your dreams (big and small) as well as give some help and get some help too!

We’ve set a crazy goal of dreaming together to try to help launch a million dreams in 2021!  Why not join in the fun?


Download the APP (Apple Device) HERE or (Android Device) HERE!

And be sure to follow along with the 1 Million Dreams journey via Mitch’s DREAM THINK DO podcast!