Jessica Zweig – You are here for a reason

Jessica Zweig- You are here for a reason

Jessica Zweig – You are here for a reason

Jessica Zweig is an award-winning entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of the SimplyBe Agency. It’s a premier personal branding firm based in Chicago but they’re serving clients across the globe.

Jessica’s got an amazing story of going from being a theater major… to launching her own magazine… to growing it to be the largest online magazine for women in Chicago for 7 years running.

That experience lit a passion for digital marketing… AND she realized she was REALLY good at it. Plus… she also started to live by her mantra of BEING fully authentic. All of this set her apart… and led her to create SimplyBe.

We’re talking about her journey and what it takes to pursue your dreams, and do it in a way where you’re true to yourself!  Let’s do this!

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Jessica’s Book – “BE. A no BS guide to increasing your self-worth and net worth by simply being yourself”  Click here


Jessica’s Website:


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Let’s do this!


Jessica’s brand new bestselling book is called: “BE. A no-BS guide to increasing your self-worth and net worth by simply being yourself.”  

Jessica Zweig’s work in defining personal brands has gained her some impressive awards, including being named one of Crain’s Chicago’s 2020 Most Notable Entrepreneurs, one of Inc.’s Top Digital Marketer to Watch, and she’s been named one of the Chicago Tribune’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow. 

Zweig also received TWO Stevie Awards® of “Female Entrepreneur of the Year.” 

Zweig is also the host of The SimplyBe. Podcast, one of the Top 20 Marketing podcasts on Apple Podcast. Guests of the show include NYT best-selling author Candace Bushnell, global peace ambassador Prem Rawat, and designer Rebecca Minkoff to name a few.

We’re going to be talking about the importance of giving yourself room to pursue dreams… and be authentic and true to yourself as you do.  


  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:36 Download the Dream Together App
  • 2:49 Get to know Jessica
  • 5:55 How Jessica found the courage to go after her dreams
  • 8:11 How Jessica kept herself going even in the hard times
  • 12:09 Does fake it until you make it work?
  • 16:22 Branding your dream
  • 19:49 The different ways you can share your message
  • 26:11 How Jessica lives and remains authentic 
  • 29:50 Wisdom of the week
  • 31:07 Mitch’s biggest takeaways


What did you think of Jessica’s story?  What stood out to you?  

Drop a comment below… and let me know.  I want to hear from YOU!

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And as you do it… know I’m so grateful for YOU!

Keep bringing your awesome! 

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