What is the BIG Dream Gathering experience like?

What is the BIG Dream Gathering experience like?

Sometimes we’re asked…

“What is it like to participate in the BIG Dream Gathering?”

If you’re asking this same question… check out this video. It will give you a taste of what we call “The BIG Dream Gathering experience.”

Oh… and whether you know what you would write down on your dream sheets or not…
Mitch Matthews… the co-founder of the BIG Dream Gathering will kick off the Gathering with some inspiring stories and some guidance.

He’ll talk about the power of what can happen when

people give themselves permission to dream big…

and the amazing things that can happen when

people dream big together!

So… plan on attending to the BIG Dream Gathering when it comes to your area… and just see what happens with your own BIG dreams, as well as the BIG dreams of your community!

What are people saying about the BIG Dream Gathering experience?

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes – the spark of engagement when people work together on big dreams. Everyone should experience the BIG Dream Gathering! The process is remarkable. As people reach for a bigger dream they are also invited to invest in the success of others. What a marvelous model for breaking through barriers, dialing in and connection.” – Dondi Scumaci – Best Selling Author and Speaker


“The BIG Dream Gathering experience is great! Ours was an awesome mix of people all gathered helping each other get started on making their dreams come true.” – Connie Hansen – The University of Northern Iowa


“The BIG Dream Gathering is infectious with hope and positive communication.” – Scott Jarvis – West Bank



What are people saying about Mitch Matthews as a speaker?

“Mitch Matthews was our opening speaker and it was the best talk we’ve had in the 41 years of holding this conference!” – Harris F. Seidel – Co-founder – Association of Boards of Certification


“Mitch Matthews was a smashing success at our conference. He goes beyond motivating. He inspires!” – Jimi Coplen – Texas Midwest Community Network


“I would recommend Mitch Matthews to anyone needing a high-impact and high-energy speaker!” – Michelle Hisabeck – Meeting Professionals International



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