Van Harden | Turning a Boyhood Dream Into a Career of a Lifetime!


Van Harden | Turning a Boyhood Dream Into a Career of a Lifetime!

Popular morning radio show personality Van Harden talks with Mitch Matthews for the DREAM. THINK. DO. Podcast.

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“Meet at the station at 4:50” IN THE MORNING!  Those are the words Mitch Matthews read when he went to meet his current guest, Van Harden.

Van is the host of the “Van and Bonnie Show,” Iowa’s most popular morning radio show. Plus, he’s the program director of WHO Radio, Iowa’s biggest radio station.

In this interview, we turn the mic on Van and ask him some questions.

You’ll find out how he was able to turn his childhood dream job into a reality that’s lasted nearly 25 years, and has earned 13 Marconi awards from the National Association of Broadcasters, 5 of which were awarded to him personally.

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But living his dream wasn’t enough, so he is also the inventor of the DayTeller® timepiece and the Van Harden Cheese Crust Pizza, as well as a successful author!  Now you can find out how he accomplished all that and still kept his dream job fun after all these years (and no, you don’t have to wake up before 5 a.m. to do so)!

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Ever wonder how you’re going to enjoy your job, even after you’ve had it for years?  Van gives you tips on how to sustain your dream by keeping it fun, including what to do when you accidentally receive 50 left shoes.  Plus, Van tells the story of how he prepared for his future career, even when many doubted he could do it.  Then he gives the background behind one of his inventions and his book, Life in the Purple Wedge, both of which have positively impacted thousands of lives.

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This episode is packed full of information and tips that you can use every day of your life!  It’s time to be inspired, keep the fun alive, and live your dream!


Find out more about Van at his website:

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