Turn worry on it’s head!

Turn worry on it's head

Turn worry on it’s head!

Turn worry on it’s head!

Welcome to day 6 of “Punching Worry in the Face!”

Last year I had the pleasure and honor to connect with Jack Canfield.  (Yes.  THAT Jack Canfield.  The creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series that’s sold over 500 million copies!)

I thought I’d share one of the pearls of wisdom I received from Jack as a part of our 30 Days of Punching Worry in the Face!  It’s something you can use to turn worried on its head.

The Concept: “Inverse Paranoid”

Many of us run around and act as if the world is always plotting against us.

We may not think that consciously… but we might be thinking it sub-consciously.

Need proof?

Think about the last time you were tempted to try something new, but stopped short because you were worried about what people might think. You were concerned that you might get kicked out of “the tribe” because you screwed up, fell short or embarrassed yourself. (Ever been there? I know I have.)

We get paranoid… so we stop.  We worry about what other people will say or think about us… so we shut down.

During my interaction with Jack, he talked about the “Inverse Paranoid.”

He asked the simple but profound question:

“What if instead of thinking the world was out to get us, we simply acted as if the world was plotting to do us good?”

That’s right.

It’s taking that paranoia (that negative assumption that the world is against us) and it turns it on its head.

Here’s an example of how it might work. What if you’ve always wanted to take a cooking class but you’ve never made the time? Maybe it was your busy schedule… but maybe it was also a little of “What will people think?  Who am I to take a cooking class.  I’m not a foodie.”

If we used the “inverse paranoid” approach (instead of worrying about what people might think) you’d turn that paranoia on it’s head.

You’d choose to sign up for the class and then anticipate that people might celebrate it (because some might). Or… instead of worrying about being judged, you think that you might just inspire someone else to pursue a dream or a goal in their own life (because someone might).

Yeah… the “inverse paranoid.”

I dig it.

Do you dig it?

Where could YOU experiment with the “Inverse Paranoid?”  Think about it and then join in the conversation.  Click comments and let us know where you’re going to try this.  I’d love to hear from you!


Stay tuned for more!


  • Elizabeth Krueger
    Posted at 15:24h, 28 January Reply

    When I first decided that I wanted to go back to school I thought people would think that I was crazy. I was 40 years old…what was I thinking? But when I told people that I worked with they were supportive. About two weeks later one of the young women that I worked with stopped me to talk. She gave me a hug and said that I inspired her, that if I could go back to school so could she! She is now enrolled in fashion school and is loving it! It is so cool to see her going after her dream!

  • Devin Hacker
    Posted at 00:26h, 29 January Reply

    I want to really start talking to people first. In the grocery store, on the street, wherever I am because everyone has a story and I want to hear as many as possible before I die. I want to put my cellphone of “protection” away so that I can’t hide from true eye contact and spirit connecting. Or have a more powerful human experience than the typical half smile “hey”.

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