THINK BIGGER with your family!

THINK BIGGER with your family!

You know that I love to help individuals and organizations to think bigger and dream bigger!

Since I always try to practice what I preach… we applied some of our “THINKING BIGGER” strategies to the Matthews family vacation this year.

So, here are some of the questions we asked ourselves as we were getting ready to go:

  • What small but significant things could we do to make this experience extra memorable?

  • We also asked a two-part question…

  1. What are some things we love to do right now?

  2. How could we weave those things into our vacation?

We already knew that we were going to simplify this year and head to a cabin in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota… but as we pondered these questions… we came up with a fun (somewhat goofy) family project.

See… our boys currently love Lego. My wife loves photography. And I’m kind of turning into a bit of a history dork.

So, we combine these things.

Our boys made a “Lego family” of us. Then we agreed to take that Lego family with us wherever we went and the boys would help us to take photos of the “Lego Matthews” doing the stuff we were doing. And… I’d geek out on the history of each place.

So… welcome to some of our “Lego Family Vacation” album! See if you can figure out who is who…

Lego Matthews on their way to South Dakota! Lego Matthews boys climbing! Can you see the Lego Matthews? If you look really close you can see the Lego Dad geeking out about Mt. Rushmore! Lego Matthews exploring the Badlands!

As you can imagine… we had a lot of fun setting up these shots.

Plus, we had fun getting similar shots of THE REAL Matthews clan in each of these settings. It became a fun… simple… family project that didn’t cost a cent… but sure made the trip more memorable!

(By the way, Melissa my wife also took some AMAZING shots that didn’t involve Lego at all… and I geeked out all over the place with history… but these pics LEGO pics were a lot more fun to share!)

So… as the summer is wrapping up… it might be too late to apply these kinds of questions to this year’s family vacation. BUT what if you applied them to something else?

How could you apply them to…

  • The school year?
  • An upcoming weekend with friends?
  • A forthcoming business trip?
  • A biz meeting for your organization?
  • A family reunion?

Give ’em a try. And heck, add some of your own questions. Then let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear about it… and maybe get some photos to add to the THINKING BIGGER… DREAMING BIGGER… photo album!

Keep dreaming BIG and helping others (including your family) to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

  • Bobbi Segura
    Posted at 16:02h, 18 August Reply

    Mitch. This reminds me of something…I have always had a Mickey Mouse figurine on my desk (to remind me not to take my job & myself too seriously). One day, several years ago, he went missing. Over the next couple of months, he “re-appeared” in photos of his “travels”. To name a few of the places he visited: he was in the ceiling tile lights, frozen in a block of ice in the refrig., drowning in a toilet, at a frat party at ISU, on a hot air/helium balloon ride and even went on honeymoon with one of my employees! Oh, and the worst one was when he got blown to bits trying to dismantle a bomb – fortunatly they used a body double for that. It was quite a journey for Mickey.

    • mitchamatthews
      Posted at 16:33h, 18 August Reply

      Ohhh I love that Bobbi! I’d love to see some of those pictures (all except for the toilet one!). What a great story. I can only imagine how fun that would have been to stage those over time! I’m hoping that Mikey has recovered from his kidnapping experience though and is safe and sound back on your desk! You’re awesome, Mitch

  • TJ Anderson
    Posted at 16:06h, 18 August Reply

    Love it, Mitch! This blog post is simply creative. You could expand this post into a short story about the lego Matthews family trip to SD, while sending the message of dreaming bigger! You could make it a book that parents read to their young kids. Parents could use this as an opportunity to convey the message of dreaming bigger with their children and families as a whole. I think there’s potential with this, Mitch! Thoughts?

    • mitchamatthews
      Posted at 16:36h, 18 August Reply

      Ohhhhh TJ – Trust you to be thinking HUGE! I love it. There is some potential with this. Maybe it could even be turned into a movie! I love your creativity buddy! You are dangerous in all the right ways!

      By the way, a year ago the boys were into Lego Agents and so we made a real-life movie with them as the “agents.” They story boarded the whole thing out and editted it. You can check it out here:

      Thanks buddy! You’re awesome,

  • Jean James
    Posted at 22:59h, 18 August Reply

    Just imagining how much closer that brought your family together is incredible! I am sure this memory will be discussed for years into the future at family dinners or get togethers! What a great adventurous story for the grandkids some day! The dream just keeps getting bigger all over lego’s, history and photography! Absolutely love this story!!! Be Blessed on many more family vacations and the ideas for each of them that are beyond the destination!

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