The Intellectual Immune System

The Intellectual Immune System

Here’s my talk from a recent TEDx event.

It’s all about something I call the Intellectual Immune System.

It’s the thing that keeps us from trying new things! It’s what keeps us from accepting new ideas. It’s what can keep us from doing the things we want to do.

Yeah… It’s that.

And here’s where I explain how to overcome it… in 12 minutes or less.

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    Posted at 08:36h, 25 February Reply

    […] #####, as I mentioned to you yesterday Mitch is incredible and helped me make some serious breakthroughs in my life. You mentioned that you hate when people tell you what to do, because since it isn’t your idea you will never do it. Well Mitch won’t ever tell you what to do, he is skilled in asking extremely good questions to allow you to arrive at whatever epiphanies might come up in your work together. Mitch actually has a theory about why we reject other peoples ideas for us, check out him speaking on that topic here:

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    […] a TEDx event about the Intellectual Immune System. If you’d like to check that out… you can click here! Click here to see Mitch at […]

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