The “Better Thinking” Planning Tool

Thinking Better Planning Tool

The “Better Thinking” Planning Tool

On this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast., we take a deep dive and look at the IMT Model, or the “Better Thinking” Planning Tool. We’ll look at how this model can help you fulfill your dreams.

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When it comes to making plans in order to reach goals, keeping it simple is usually the best way to go.

If you’re like me, then it’s easy for the planning stage to trip you up, to get in your head, make you feel overwhelmed, and maybe even cause you to dream a little smaller.

We need a way to think better!

That’s why I’m doing another deep dive; this time it’s to talk about the IMT Model.

The IMT Model breaks up tasks into three categories, so you can get clear, get “un-stuck” and get results!

In this episode I explain each category, giving you examples and questions to guide you.

You’ll even learn how to get a FREE pdf for The Better Thinking Planning Tool that will walk you through to model, so you can always have it on hand when inspiration strikes!

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Don’t stumble over the planning stage. You have an amazing dream, and it’s time for you to reach it. Now with this model you can get there faster than ever!!

“If you were going to focus on one of your big goals over the next three months, what would you pick?”


IGNITE - Action Guide by Mitch Matthews




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