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BIG Dream Gathering

This isn’t just a powerful program… it’s a life-changing experience! The back story on the BIG Dream Gathering is that in 2006, Mitch’s big dream was on the ropes and he was about to give up. As a last ditch effort… he decided to start something called a “BIG Dream Gathering.”

Project: Dream Job

Entrepreneur and speaker Mitch Matthews has had some nasty jobs. He’s sorted clothes in an old warehouse, painted trash cans and had a particularly smelly experience working on a chicken farm. (Yeah… he only lasted one day!) As a result of some of those bad experiences… he became fascinated with the concept of a “dream job.” Were they real? Was it possible? Most importantly, how do people get one?

project dream job
Is Your Hair on Fire

Is Your Hair on Fire?

Let’s face it. Worry blocks our ability to be creative, effective and focused. Plus, it keeps us from going after our big dreams and goals.
In this program, Mitch introduces a simple three-step process for breaking out of the cycle of worry. He uses specific examples… some funny, some moving, some inspiring…

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