Sonia Hunt | Stay Safe. Live Healthy. Eat Well.

Sonia Hunt | Stay Safe. Live Healthy. Eat Well.

Sonia Hunt | Stay Safe. Live Healthy. Eat Well.

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast Sonia Hunt shares her passion for helping those with severe food allergies.

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My guest today is not only a successful entrepreneur who is absolutely  killing it in her field of work, but she is also a passionate advocate making a huge impact for those with severe food allergies. Sonia Hunt is a digital media entrepreneur who creates brands for global companies ranging from the food and wine industry to wearable technology.

With her passion for soulful relationships and her desire to build soulful products, Sonia has co-created Neyya, an innovation in wearable technology focused on helping entrepreneurs to do what they do best while continuing to cultivate meaningful connections with others.

When she’s not shaking up the tech world with brand new products, Sonia is helping those who are living with severe food allergies to navigate the world in a way that embraces the idea of wellness as an alignment of your body, mind, and soul.

In this episode, you will…

  • Be inspired by how Sonia is overcoming and coping with over 31 different food allergies and hear what she is doing to help others who are going through similar struggles
  • Learn about her early entrepreneurial exploits and how her background has influenced the way she strives to do business today
  • Discover how Sonia is living the dream, think, do lifestyle by living her purpose
  • Find out the innovative way that she navigates the world with her fatal food allergies by staying in alignment with her ultimate purpose and staying true to who she is

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Sonia Hunt Food Allergy Card

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