Seth Bolt | Simple Truths & Tree Houses

Seth Bolt | Simple Truths & Tree Houses

Seth Bolt | Simple Truths & Tree Houses

On this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast., I’m joined by Seth Bolt, one of the founding members of the award-winning band NEEDTOBREATHE and an awesome businessman. Let’s talk simple truths and tree houses.

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My guest for today’s episode has definitely been living the “DREAM.THINK.DO.” life.

At 16, he started his own recording label.  He’s a founding member of one of the best bands on the planet… NEEDTOBREATHE.  He’s played his heart out on Ellen, Letterman, and Kimmel.

And now, he’s written a best-selling book that is literally saving thousands of lives.

That’s right. Today, I’m joined by none other than Seth Bolt.

During our convo, Seth shares some great stories and some freakishly awesome tips to help you dream bigger, think better and do more!  Please check out this episode and share it with a friend too.

SPECIAL NOTE: Also be sure to check out Seth’s book, Breaking Out of a Broken System. All of the proceeds go towards purchasing malaria fighting medicines around the world. Grab a copy and you can save a life while you learn to live your dreams!


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During our conversation, Seth shares a few of his highs and lows while being with the band, and gives us the inside scoop on how childhood friends grew up and became rock stars!

Believe it or not, Seth was already making nearly $50 an hour while he was still in high school! And now he’s here to teach you how to see money as a tool, and use it to achieve your dreams and hopefully make other’s lives a little better in the process.

“I feel alive when I’m doing something that feels like it’s outside myself or is going to inspire other people.”

Seth also discusses how important it is to surround yourself with the right people and learn from those who inspire you. Sometimes all it takes is a dinner date. Plus, you’ll discover the tools you need to create the right environment so your dreams can flourish!

There are so many amazing achievements that you can accomplish, all you need are the strategies that will get you started.

“When you give money away, when you help people… it comes back around.”



Click here to check out two free chapters of Seth’s book.

Text:  dreamseth to 33444

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