Rob Harsh | Don’t Miss It! (How to live in the moment… no matter what!)

20 Dec Rob Harsh | Don’t Miss It! (How to live in the moment… no matter what!)

This week, Mitch interviews adventurer Rob Harsh. Harsh has traveled the globe on climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking expeditions.  He’s summited mountains on five continents and participated in over fifty of the toughest adventure endurance events in the world.  He also recently survived stage 4 cancer.  Rob‘s lived a life of adventure.  And he’s learned a lot.  One of the most important lessons though… is all about how to live in the moment.  No matter what.  They dig into some great stories as well as some strategies to help YOU live in the moment too.

Listen To The Podcast:

It’s THAT time of year.

I’m guessing you’re gearing up for the holidays with family gatherings, road trips and jam packed schedules.  It can be a crazy time… right?

And although we may not be hanging off the sides of mountains or navigating class IV rapids on a river somewhere… we can all learn a thing or two about:

Living in the moment.

Being fully present.

Not missing out on the important things.

Adventurer, Rob Harsh has some great stories and some practical strategies to help on this front.

Rob has been guiding people in business, outdoor adventure and personal growth for twenty years. He helps people to make positive shifts in their lives, as well as… overcome adversity in any area of life and discovering how to live in alignment with who they authentically are.

I’m stoked to hear about some of Rob’s experiences… but also dig into some of the practical steps he uses to push through the challenges that get thrown at you on mountain tops… and in life… so you can live more in the moment AND live more of the life you were put on the planet to live!

Listen in and then let me know what stood out to you.  

Comment below and join in the conversation.

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