Right where I want to be… right now.

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Right where I want to be… right now.

Right where I want to be

So I have a new goal in life… and it was inspired by a random encounter in a hole-in-the wall gas station.


This past weekend, our teenage sons and I took a road trip to do a little camping.

As we were driving through rural Iowa we stopped at a little mom and pop gas station to grab a few remaining items before heading into the woods.  (Necessities like gas, water… and of course… donuts.)

As we entered I saw an elderly man sitting at a table. He had a grin on his face and just seemed to be enjoying life as he sat there.

The boys and I created a quick game plan for grabbing the things we needed and then we all went our separate ways. 

I made my way down the isle next to where this man was sitting.  As I passed him I looked him in the eye, smiled and asked, “How are you today?”

He smiled and responded with, “I don’t want to be any other place than right here, right now.”

That stopped me in my tracks.  It was just so different than the typical response.  You know the “good,” or “fine” or “same ol’ same ol’.”  

In the moment, I smiled back and said, “That’s a good place to be.”

He just looked, smiled and said, “Yes it is.”

I then went on my way collecting the items I’d agreed to pick up.  I met my boys up at the cash register.  We paid and left.

But then as we all got back in my truck, I told my sons…

“Well, I have a new goal.”

They asked what it was, and I said…

“I want to live like the gentleman I just met… on a daily basis.”

I told them the story and then concluded with just saying…

“I want to live in a way where I could say ‘I don’t want to be any other place than right here, right now,’ and know I was telling the truth.”

Now, I’m not saying that I’m expecting life to always be rainbows, butterflies and involve me running through the meadow with a big ol’ goofy grin on my face!  

Nope.  We all know that some days life’s just tougher than others. 

But I do believe that there is a peace that comes from being grateful for what you’ve got… and having a joy that rises above circumstance.  And I needed to be reminded of that by a wise old man who was living it out… while sitting in a plastic booth at a gas station.

So, here’s to appreciating the “right where you are… right now.”


Join in the conversation:

I’d love to hear how YOU remind yourself to appreciate the here and the now.  Comment and let me know.

An added confession:

Here’s an added confession.  I REALLY needed that reminder that day.  I’ll admit that even though I was heading off into the woods to camp with my boys… my mind was in a thousand different places.  Work.  Opportunities.  Clients.  Weather.  Bugs.  You name it.  I was tempted to be anywhere and everywhere but where I was in the moment.  But that timeless wisdom and approach to life… offered not by some guru on a mountain top… but instead by a wise old many sitting next to the batteries and washer fluid in a quiet little gas station… helped me to focus on the moment.  And as a result… I had one of my favorite all time weekends with my boys.

So I’m grateful for THAT… and for the new goal that I have for myself.  How about you?

Keep dreaming bigger, thinking better and doing more of the stuff you were put on the planet to do!


PS – If you dig this and/or know someone that might need to hear this story… would you share it with them?  I know I needed to be reminded of this timeless wisdom… and I’m betting they would appreciate it too!

  • Ron Matthews
    Posted at 16:17h, 09 June Reply

    Amen to the message of this story of this perhaps “chance” experience, but it also shows we gain so much by acknowledging others, really listening to them, and pausing to absorb/apply what the gift of that time is telling us. Thanks Mitch, you capped off the start of an already great day! Dad

  • Julie Donaghy
    Posted at 16:36h, 09 June Reply

    Reminds me of something Jesus said – If He had said this in today’s vernacular he might have said, “Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off.” Or not, but I like to think he’d say things like that. 😉

    {Jesus} said to them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” Mark 6:31 (NRSV)

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