PROJECT: Dream Job – Update

PROJECT: Dream Job – Update

Hey gang… you may remember at the beginning of April, I asked for your input on something new I’m working on.

Some tips on landing your dream job

It’s called…

“PROJECT: Dream Job”

In the original post, I asked three questions:

They were:

  1. What do people typically think of when they think of a “Dream Job?”
  2. Describe some elements of a dream job… for you.
  3. Who has a “dream job?” (Gold star bonus question: Why would you consider it a dream job?)

I asked for comments, emails and Facebook posts. And we were blown away by your responses!

In fact, your input really helped to confirm something for me.

That is… how we define a “dream job” is evolving.

A “dream job” for many used to involve a high paying, high visibility position. (Think… Steven Speilberg, Richard Branson or Oprah)

Now… it might involve those things for some people… but most people talked about things like…

  • What they would be able to contribute
  • Who they would be able to impact
  • How they would be able to make a difference

And for many… their idea of a “Project: Dream Job” was less about the actual job… and more about what the job would enable them to do outside of their “work.”

So… I’ll be sharing A LOT more on this in the weeks and months to come.

Plus, I’ll be including various insights, stories and strategies that will help you to move more towards figuring out what your “dream job” might just be for this season (and beyond)… AND how to go get it (or do more of it).


Most importantly… I would LOVE your continuing input on this subject.

Your emails and comments proved you have a lot to say on this subject. So please keep them coming! I’d love to hear more of your responses to the “Project: Dream Job” questions I posed above.

But I’d also love to hear your take on the idea that our perception of a “Dream Job” is evolving. What do you think? Is it true for you? If so… how?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


In the original post… I offered up 3 copies of my book IGNITE – a little book to spark your big dreams… to get the creative juices flowing and “bribe” you to contribute.

Click to find out more

So now… I get to announce who is getting those 3 free copies of the book!

Drum roll please…

Congrats to:

  • Robyn Byrd
  • Sam Miller (from
  • Kathryn Daughterty

Thanks everyone for your continued input!

You’re awesome.

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

  • Sam Miller
    Posted at 09:31h, 03 May Reply

    I am so, so happy right now. Blissful, you might say! Thank you!

  • Peer Coach - Janel
    Posted at 14:39h, 23 June Reply

    Q & A’s about the Dream Job:
    Q. What do people typically think of when they think of a “Dream Job?”
    A: I think freedom, creativity and being happily productive doing something I love that is valuable to and for others.

    Q. Describe some elements of a dream job… for you.
    A: There are open choices as well as clear expectations involved in my dream job. I am able and expected to make choices in an interactive environment with results that lead to a win-win outcome for all involved. There are many teachable moments where I can both learn and share with others. There is down time for reflection, as well as times of great productivity.

    Q.Who has a “dream job?”
    A: Actors, Coaches and Artists

    (Gold star bonus question: Why would you consider it a dream job?) The flexibility and the creativity involved, as well as the potential positive impact upon others.

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