Phil Singleton | SEO – How to win with the rules keep changing!

Phil Singleton | SEO - How to win with the rules keep changing!

Phil Singleton | SEO – How to win with the rules keep changing!

Mitch talks with Phil Singleton about the new rules for Search Engine Optimization.  Phil co-wrote the bestselling book, “SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers and Entrepreneurs,” with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.  It’s an Amazon bestseller and has been listed as a top marketing book by Mashable, Oracle and The Huffington Post. They talk about Phil’s top strategies for maximizing SEO in a world where search engines are are constantly changing the unwritten rules and algorithms.  

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I wanted to have Phil Singleton on Dream Think Do for multiple reasons.

First off… Mashable and the Huffington Post say his book on SEO is a “MUST READ!”  His success stories and strategies have been featured on MSNBC and in Entrepreneur and Forbes.  

Plus, I love the fact that he is still in the trenches daily helping clients with his own digital marketing agency based in Kansas City. 

So, in our conversation… you’ll hear Phil offer specific steps and helpful tips for maximizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Especially as most people are pulling their hair out trying to figure out Google’s ever-changing algorithms… Phil provides real-world and concrete concepts to help you grow your brand, increase traffic to your site and spread the word about your big idea, business or movement!

So yes… SEO is one reason why I wanted to have him on DTD.

But Phil also has had an interesting life journey involving some wandering, some traveling and some stumbling onto a passion which blossomed into an incredible career.  His journey took him through the Asia for over 10 years including Taipei and Taiwan, with stints in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Yup… he’s got a fascinating story.  And some great strategies.

In the interview, we talk SEO strategies first. But then we talk about life… and how wandering a bit led him to his dream career.

I think you’ll dig it.  If you do… please share it.

Oh and also, please comment.  Let me know what stood out to you from Phil’s SEO tips and from his journey.  I’d love to hear what stuck with you! I can’t wait to hear from you.



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