Life, Business and Uncontained Faith with Pedro Adao

Life, Business and Uncontained Faith with Pedro Adao

Life, Business and Uncontained Faith with Pedro Adao

My guest is Pedro Adao. He’s had a number of successes on a number of fronts. He’s a long-time entrepreneur, a Two-Comma Click Funnel winner and he’s also the founder of the 100X Academy.

In short, he’s living what I’d call a “Faith-Infused Business” and we’re going to talk about what it means and why it matters!

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Pedro Adao: Man, I can’t wait. This is gonna be so much fun. Thanks for the invitation, Mitch.

Mitch Matthews: Absolutely! Did I get all the big pieces at least to start with?

Pedro Adao: Yeah I think we’re good. I think whatever you didn’t say is about to come up now.

Mitch Matthews: That’s exactly right. We’re covered, right? I love it. I love it. So let’s go back and get a little history. I always love to introduce DREAM THINK DOers, let them get into your head a little bit.  You’re an entrepreneur. You’re loving it. You’ve been a successful entrepreneur for a while. Was that always a thing for you? As a kid did you know entrepreneurism was gonna be the thing?

Pedro Adao: No, not really. I grew up, my parents are immigrants. So my parents came here from Portugal. So I was born here and what you see with immigrant families is there’s two types of real kind of paths that these immigrant families will usually pick. One is they’ll go hardcore entrepreneurship. They come in and start businesses. We see a lot of that or there’s also a path. They go really hardcore after education. Education, college. So my parents were on the college path. They were like college, college, college, college, college. Both my parents were W2 employees. My Mom is entrepreneurial. My Mom always had side businesses. My Mom is an amazing tax preparer. She had a travel business. She always had a side hustle, but my Dad was a W2 worker.

So I had some entrepreneurial tendencies. By high school, I began to kind of see a little bit of it come up. A funny story is I got in trouble in high school because I was selling pool passes on campus. The problem is we didn’t have a pool. So got in a little bit of trouble for that. That’s when your entrepreneurial spirit goes a little bit too far.

Mitch Matthews: Just a little sideways. Needs a little bringing back, that’s right. That visionary in you, you dreamed of a pool.

Pedro Adao: I was like, “But it’s coming in 2048 when you’re no longer here.” No, I was a senior. It was a little prank we did on the freshmen. There was a little entrepreneurial spirit there and then in college, I was drawn to network marketing. I found myself kind of liking that and those conversations. So really kind of came on late, but I spent 10 years as a W2 employee after college. Went to college, I got a degree in Economics. Got a job. Was climbing the corporate ladder pretty fast and then I just kind of found myself kind of stuck in my income range and I was commuting three hours a day in Silicon Valley and then at some point I just kind of lost meaning for my work in the corporate structure and by that time I was a full raging, entrepreneurial spirit was raging. I was doing a lot of real estate on the side and so no, I was more of a later, I guess later bloomer to the entrepreneurship path. Now it’s at the core of my identity.

Mitch Matthews: That’s awesome. It’s become who you are, I have a similar path. I got introduced to the entrepreneurial bug at 13 working at a bike shop in my small town in Iowa and I loved it. I loved the idea of it, but then after college went into the corporate world and did that for a number of years and I always knew that’s probably where I would wind up, but I didn’t know it was gonna look like all those things, but it’s just that bug that kept growing and pulled me in. So I love it. I love it. So now I want to speak to where you’re at now and then I want to go back to bridge because I think a lot of DREAM THINK DOers, they’re hatching big ideas. They’re having big ideas and some of them are in the messy middle, right? They’re working towards it, all of those things.

So let’s get a little picture of what life looks like now and then we’re gonna talk about how you got here. So let’s talk about 100X. You’re doing online training, but you’re also doing these live events. Tell people a little bit about what that’s all about.

Pedro Adao: Now well first let me burst a little bubble here right off the bat. You said the messy middle. Let me just burst the bubble. I think there’s always a mess.

Mitch Matthews: Yeah right. It’s always a mess.

Pedro Adao: There’s always gonna be… If you’re doing something. If you’re taking territory. If you’re actually making a real difference, do not think for a second it’s ever not gonna be messy. What happens is the messes are higher quality messes. They’re different types of messes, but there’s always gonna be friction and opposition to when you’re doing some really amazing stuff and taking territory. So let me not kid anybody. There are messes right now, but they’re just way better types of messes than the mess of being in the freeway for four hours because a big rig jackknifed and now I’m sitting on the highway for four hours. I have a different kind of messes now that are all as I solve them and move them, I accelerate. I advance. I become more and my movement goes to the next level.

MItch Matthews: I love that. It’s not just a matter of arriving once you’ve arrived. You never have a challenge again. I love that. That’s great, very true.

Pedro Adao: That’s just delusional. So what was the question? I’m sorry buddy.

Mitch Matthews: No that’s okay. So let’s paint a little picture of life now and then we’re gonna go back and kind of speak to the bridge to it. So 100X, tell us a little bit about what you do?

Pedro Adao: Here’s a 100X. 100X is if I actually was self-aware enough or gave myself the actual permission, I would have launched this years ago potentially because 100X actually is for me in my life, it’s actually the convergence. It’s me giving myself the permission, which I actually didn’t even really do, tell that story in a second. It’s the convergence of three very strong gifts and passions in my life that I didn’t really ever think or know could ever connect and 100X is those three things coming together. So first and foremost is that is you understand, I’m an entrepreneur. I have this entrepreneurial spirit and drive and now and I’ve had some high highs. I had a deep valley pit experience, awful, like the worst. I have gone through some of the worst things imaginable in business and then literally to the point where I was willing to walk away from the business, walk away from life.

I spent about three years, my prayer was, “God, do us all a favor. Don’t let me wake up tomorrow,” and I wasn’t kidding. That was a serious prayer for about three years, I was in this place and then from my lowest pit experience, we’re doing seven figures, within about 24 months, maybe three. Not much longer than me willing to walk away from everything, we’re doing the biggest we’ve ever, the most impact. So I have real authority in this journey of entrepreneurship: highs, lows and back up. So I have this entrepreneurial drive and spirit and all this wisdom and things I’ve learned. I’ve been studying the best internet marketers and salespeople for the last decade. Look at your library. Your library has clues. There are clues about your purpose and your future in your library. What do you love to learn about? I love reading these books. The Russell Brunsons, the [Gabe Maderchucks 00:11:53] and the Dan Kennedys and Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes and Zig Ziegler and Tony Robbins and Jim Rowan and so I’ve got this deep passion for business entrepreneurship.

You don’t have to convince me or prod me on. I’m going deep there. This same plan, I have this deep love and passion for the deep things of understanding how the Kingdom of God functions. I’m not talking about religion. I’m not talking about Christianity. I’m talking about understanding how the Kingdom of God actually functions and operates. So now I’m going deep deep deep deep, I mean thousands and thousands of hours watching videos from a gentleman named Doctor Miles Monroe whom in my opinion was the greatest teacher of the Kingdom of our day. Unfortunately, he died tragically in a plane crash several years ago, but I literally was mentored by this man over YouTube and through his books.

So guys, understand this. Books, books, the books you write that you don’t think anyone actually reads, the YouTube videos that you put out that you think may not be getting all the view you want, you do not understand what you’re doing. You’re building a legacy. This man, I and my movement, whatever God does with us, this is the fruit of Miles Monroe, a man I never got to personally meet or shake his hand. So for thousands of hours, I’m going deep and investigating how the Kingdom actually operated. The Kingdom is the spiritual and visible realm. These are the things that if you’re into spiritual stuff if you’re into understanding how this stuff works, this is the stuff. Don’t fall for the little just appetizers. The Secret, The Law of Attraction, those are little just appetizers. Those are little foreshadowings. There’s a much deeper well to go pursue and drink from and that’s called the Kingdom of God.

So now I’m going deep in this Kingdom revelation and then I happen to be in a very super spiritual stream of Christianity called the Prophetic. So now I’m in this very uber spiritual, supernatural vein of Christianity and I love it and I’m growing, I’m coming alive and so what 100X is three rivers. It’s three rivers converging into one powerful river and that is it’s a kingdom entrepreneurship movement operating with the prophetic grace and in this, in this, I have fully come alive. I have fully now like this is actually who I really am because prior to this in my other business where I do financial planning for retirees, I never got to show them all of this spiritual side of me. It was always facts and figure. It was always the… And I mean guys and I’m great at that stuff. I’m one of the best guys in the country. I’ve got the stuff there, but to me, I never got to show them who I really really truly was.

I only got to show them part of myself. Then over here with my spiritual friends, a lot of them are not very ambitious. They don’t really care about money or success. They’re kind of just have a lot of poverty kind of mindset. So I would never show them my true, honest ambitions and goals because they would judge me or I didn’t want to make them feel bad for not trying to go for much. So I basically had these two worlds that I never thought would every converge. I always thought I have two groups of friends. I have two lives basically.

Mitch Matthews: Two worlds.

Pedro Adao: And I never get to be myself. Well 100X, it’s by the mercy of God. Like I told you, this was not my idea. God tricked me into launching this. I’ll tell you that story in a second and I find myself 44 years old, finally finally in a place where I’m able to be myself and show all of myself, every facet of myself and honestly, the happiness I feel, the fulfillment I have, I know I’m smack dab exactly where God wants me to be right now. It doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and rainbows. It doesn’t mean there’s not opposition. It doesn’t mean that I’m working less. I’m working even harder now. I’m working even harder now because now I know I’m on a mission. I’m doubling down, tripling down, but man I wouldn’t change it for the world, man.

Mitch Matthews: I love it. DREAM THINK DOers, alright, can you tell he’s fired up? You are a man living a passion. Living, I think it’s that whole thing. Like for me, the greatest thing is when someone figures out why they were put on the planet. Do you know what I mean? And there’s just something that wells up when they are truly congruent with that and that’s where you’re at the man. It’s beautiful.

Pedro Adao: I’m literally so emotional right now ’cause like I didn’t see this. When I was at my lowest lows, I never saw this. I never saw that one day I would be this happy and this fulfilled and this just completely knowing that my life matters at a high level. I never saw this because when you’re going through the pit, when you forget who you are. You forget who you are and hopelessness can come that because the present reality is so painful that it blinds you to the promise of what’s available to you and literally like one verse. There’s one Bible verse that kept me alive. I mean the Bible’s an amazing book. You should check it out. It’s got a lot of stuff in here.

Mitch Matthews: A lot of good stuff in there.

Pedro Adao: But there’s one verse, one verse kept me alive, Romans 8:28. Romans 8:28 says this. It says, “For all things work to the good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose,” and I literally put God to the test. I said, “God, my life sucks right now. Nothing good about my life. I have problems and challenges that are not good and I do not see any way that this will ever get better, but you said right here, you said all these things are gonna work for my good. I don’t know how you’re gonna do this, but I’m gonna hold you to your word, and that I trust you and you’re not a liar.” So that one verse, I’m gonna give myself one more day, just one more day, one more day and then here we are. So, man, it’s kind of I’m welling up a little bit because I just never saw this and so if you’re hearing this right now and your life kind of sucks right now, let me tell you. Just one more day. Just one more day. Just one more day because literally you can know.

I didn’t dream this dream. That’s the whole thing about your whole thing, DREAM THINK DO. This may have been a dream. I didn’t even know. This was obviously a dream of my heart, but I didn’t know it. It was buried. I didn’t see it. It wasn’t conscious. There’s no vision board with 100X on it. You can go to my planner and my journal and you’ll never see this. It doesn’t exist. So like sometimes you don’t even know the actual real dream in your heart. You know the dream that you can verbalize and maybe see because you may be only giving yourself that level of permission, but there could be a deeper dream, the actual real dream of God over your life. It might be in there and the prayer I pray is “Lord, don’t let me in small prayers downgrade what you have for me.”

Mitch Matthews: That’s so true, I love it. I don’t like needles, Pedro, but I have a tattoo on my right shoulder of it’s basically a Greek word that is at the heart of Ephesians 3:20 which is perosis and it’s exceedingly abundantly and you probably know that verse, but it’s a mind blowing verse and it’s that basically God wants us to have a life that’s exceedingly abundantly and that’s that perosis. We don’t really have that word. It’s not a big enough English word to capture, exceedingly abundantly beyond what we could hope, dream or ask. That’s like what you’re walking in right now is this was bigger. It’s elements infused with elements of what you’ve been doing, who you were, all that, but God took it to this next level that’s exceedingly abundantly beyond what you could hope, dream or ask a man. It’s beautiful.

Pedro Adao: Not easy, right?

Mitch Matthews: No, it’s beautiful.

Pedro Adao: And this thing’s only nine months old. This whole movement is nine months old, okay? Now I just learned this, I want to share it real quick. So there’s this really kind of somewhat, he’s getting pretty famous right now, he has a book. I think his name is Steven Voss, maybe not Steven, but V-O-S-S. He was a former hostage negotiator and he has a book called Never Split the Difference. I didn’t read the book, but I’ve watched his YouTube. He was on [Lewis Hausen’s 00:20:44] and this guy was a hostage negotiator trainer for like the FBI. So here’s what he said and it’s so true about us. He says, “Don’t ever be so stuck on what you want in a negotiation that you end up unwilling to take something better.” Don’t be so focused on what you want going in that you won’t get something better.

Mitch Matthews: Oh that’s a good word right there.

Pedro Adao: We do this with God.

Mitch Matthews: Yeah right?

Pedro Adao: We do this with God. We negotiate with God as if He doesn’t already want to bless us. As if He’s somehow not already a good, amazing Father. I realize that when I negotiate with God, I’m always negotiating against myself. He always wants to do something exceedingly abundant. So I just stopped doing it. I’m like, “Lord, I don’t even know what I want, but just give me what you want to give me.” It’s gonna be better than I can even imagine and so anyhow it’s just topical.

Mitch Matthews: That is beautiful. I love that. It’s so true. Well, let’s ’em, you know I think sometimes too with DREAM THINK DOers, man the thinking part is planning. So we dream, think as a planning strategy, flow charts, color-coded to-do lists, all that stuff. So we’re really good at planning, but sometimes God, it’s your point. When you’re following God, when you’re going after God, especially God in business sometimes He is absolutely, He’s the greatest planner there is, but sometimes He’s completely disrespectful of our plans. So this was not, to your point, not on your vision board, not on your goal sheets, not on your thing, but tell us a little bit of the story on kind of how this like there’s something to this and it’s so simple. I mean to my understanding it started a little bit with a different podcast interview.

Pedro Adao: Yeah. So honestly the story of 100X is not DREAM THINK DO. Do Think Dream. That’s how this started.

Mitch Matthews: We’re reversing this. I love it.

Pedro Adao: That’s how this started. So I’m on a podcast. I meet this guy at a conference. Funny story. So this guy is at a conference. It’s over. He’s about to leave the conference and he hears God say to him, “Proximity is power,” and when God says that to him he knows that God’s about to set up a kind of divine appointment. So instead of getting in his car and driving off, he just sits outside on this bench, just waiting to see what could happen. So I come walking out of this thing like 30 minutes after it’s gone, this guy’s sitting on this bench and I’m going to my car, I’m like “Hey bro. Later,” and he’s like “Hey, who are you?” I’m like, “Oh my name’s Pedro da da da,” and so we start small talk. I’m an easy guy to talk to. So we’re starting to small talk.

Within five minutes of talking he’s a big Doctor Miles Monroe guy as well. He loves Miles Monroe. He loves the Kingdom. So obviously we start an hour like boom boom boom boom, talking. He’s like, “Man I got a podcast on the Kingdom. It’s more of a government focused podcast, but government and business go well together.” He said, “Come on my podcast.” I’m like, “Of course, sure.” So that’s the first podcast I’ve ever been asked to be on. I’m not-

Mitch Matthews: No way. Really?

Pedro Adao: Yeah. 100%. Dude, I didn’t have a personal brand. I’m just this guy [inaudible 00:24:17] who’s helping out retirees with their money. I’m not trying to be known. I’m just. So I get on this podcast. He’s asking me about the Kingdom and business and entrepreneurship. Nothing is planned, no script and I just come alive. All of a sudden all this revelation starts flowing. I’m saying things I’ve never even said before. So-

MItch Matthews: Here gang, just real quick. What’s ironic, we didn’t talk about this before, but I listened to that podcast when I was doing my research. Here’s a couple of other things that just came out and it’s funny because your interviewee, his mind was being blown. You said at one point you were like “Money is the lowest forms of leverage in the Kingdom,” and one of the other things is, “Money is linear, the Kingdom is geometric,” and I remember your interviewer’s like, “Wait. Have you ever said that before? What? What?” and you’re like, “No, I’ve never said that before. It’s just all coming out.”

Pedro Adao: I hope it’s true.

MItch Matthews: That’s right. So I didn’t realize though when I’m listening to that podcast, I had no idea how pivotal that interview was.

Pedro Adao: Dude, that was the first thing and then when it’s over and we’re like, “What just happened right now?” He’s like, “That was incredible.” I’m like, “Right.” I was as surprised as he was. He’s like, “Well where can my listeners get more of this?” I’m like, “There isn’t more of this. So, anyhow-

MItch Matthews: I’ll do something. I’ll do something.

Pedro Adao: I remember, I came down, we have a little upstairs apartment over our garage and I went back to the main house I was like, “Babe, I just did this podcast. It was crazy.” She’s like, “Whatever,” she’s used to me being kind of crazy, right?

MItch Matthews: Yeah right.

Pedro Adao: Well then, so now in the back of my mind saying, “Wow, that was kind of special. What was that?” And then the next week I think, another conference was at our church and this very well known prophet in our movement was, I was blessed to be friendly with him and we chat every once in a while, and I was really kind of sharing my heart. I was like I’m sharing, I’m like, “I really feel like our people in this very super spiritual movement within Christianity, we claim to hear God the best. We claim to have these very deep encounters, seeing in the Spirit, being able to see angels and hear from God directly and some of these people are broke.”

MItch Matthews: Yeah. What’s up with that? That seems-

Pedro Adao:  broken. That’s a bad look. Like, “Wait a minute. Do you claim to hear God the best? But you’re broke. I mean why don’t you ask when to get your bills paid.” So to me it was an indictment that how come the people who hear God the best are struggling the most in the natural and I was like, “It’s ’cause no one’s training our people on how to actually do business and how to prosper.” It’s all this training on how to have these spiritual encounters which are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but man we live in a physical realm. So how do we take these spiritual encounters and actually have them leverage into manifesting the power of them in the physical form and so he was like he challenged me. He said, “Well then you teach ’em,” and I was like, “What? I’ve got a full-time business.” I said, “Okay.” So I launched-

Mitch Matthews: “I’m busy here Shawn, I’m busy.”

Pedro Adao: Yeah, so I launched a 30 day free Facebook group to teach people about the Kingdom, Kingdom entrepreneurship, Facebook ads, sales funnels, sales, marketing, how to make a… And I had no plans of anything beyond that. It was a 30-day thing. I’m just gonna crank this content. I’m gonna love on some, I’m gonna pay it forward. I’ve been blessed, let me pay it forward. 30 days and it’s a wrap. So I start the class, it’s going great. All of a sudden around month three I’m like, “Whoa whoa whoa. Something’s happening here.” The level of community, the level of a family that we forged virtually on a Facebook group. I was like “This feels like family. How do we love each other so much? Why do I love these people so much? I don’t even know these people. Why do I care so much about them?” And God tricked me because he literally, He had, I felt the love with these people.

I fell in love with complete strangers online and all of a sudden, I was happier for their successes. I know the day marked me when I was changed. When one of our students, brand new entrepreneur, never made a dollar before in her life in business. Comes to our course, our 30-day program makes her first offer, writes her first Facebook ad, makes her first $1000 online ever. Makes her first $1000 in business ever. My wife goes, “How was your day?” I’m like, “Babe, it was amazing. Someone sold their first $1000.” I was gushing with excitement about the $1000 that this other person made who I have no benefit to that, but I was so excited for one of our students. For 20 minutes I’m going on and on about how awesome that was. So she was like, “Well how was your day?” I was like, “Oh, we made $30000 today. Well let me tell you about this,” and I was like, “Wait a minute. I’m more excited about the $1000 I didn’t make than the $30000?”

Then I knew that something happened in my heart and what it is, it needs to be very real and vulnerable is that I got a father’s heart. I went from being a coach, a mentor, to really getting His heart for these people and the reason, that’s what we need more of. We don’t need more coaches and mentors and gurus, we need more fathers, fathers, and mothers. And let me tell you, man, it costs. It’s gonna cost because now that means loving and caring at a level that doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t charge enough for my stuff for love like this, but none of this makes sense. None of this stuff makes sense. The gospel doesn’t make sense. For God’s own love, it doesn’t make sense, but if you want to transform culture. You want to transform nations. You actually want to make a real impact. You’re gonna have to go far beyond what makes sense and love. Love love love is the number one business strategy that you can tap in to.

Mitch Matthews: And that’s what I love, my hat’s off to you and I couldn’t agree more. I do think the world needs more fathers, more mothers right now. There’s a lot of orphans out there figuratively but spiritually big time and it’s just a longing for it, but I also, I really respect. I’ve been able to dig into some of the training and you know as a Christian sometimes when I see it’s Christian training I cringe a little bit because sometimes for some people that means, it’s almost permission to turn in a lower grade standard because it’s like, “Oh we’re all Christians together,” so it doesn’t have to be excellent whereas you’re delivering excellence. You’re delivering hard truths about specifics. It’s not airy-fairy rainbows and butterflies. You’re talking excellence, value, but you’re also talking specifics on Facebook ads and funnels and opt-ins and value and all of those things.

So I love that it really is this just mashing together of all of this, of who you are, but it is, it is Kingdom stuff. So now you’re turning all this stuff. We just talked about it offline before I hit record that your next book is gonna be all based on this kind of journey and the things that you’re finding from 100X. So what’s one of the things that you think or is especially for that person that is feeling it? Maybe they’re faith-based, maybe like me a few years ago I always thought I could see God move in hospitals. I could see God move in churches, but I kind of thought maybe there was this imaginary line of business. Oh oh, I don’t go over there. Whereas now I realize God’s like flowing. It’s the biggest mission field on the planet is to be in the entrepreneurial space to be in the business world. So what’s one thing that you’re gonna teach ’em in that new book?

Pedro Adao: Yeah, great question. So this whole thing kind of just is launched in June of last year and I’m learning. I’m learning as I go. I mean I know a lot, but also I’ve never served. I’ve never been a coach. I’ve never been a mentor. I’ve never been a public figure. So now I’m like, “Whoa, what’s all this stuff about?” I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m also learning about the needs of my students, my clients. Too many people make offers too soon. They’re in a rush to monetize so they push out offers and they don’t even know the needs and desires or problems of their customer. So I’m learning learning learning learning learning and then I was on vacation in the Bahamas over New Year’s Eve and I got the blueprint. Literally it was a blueprint, the Lord gave me the blueprint, the framework for how to actually prosper as a Kingdom entrepreneur.

There are six elements that you gotta have. So let me give you one of them and of those six elements, three of them are inside, internal. Three of them are external. So the Kingdom is inside out. The world is outside in. The Kingdom and the world are basically flip flop. They’re at odds, they’re opposites. There’s three internal components that you can’t see that are the invisible realm and then there’s three in the visible natural realm. So one of them, we’re talking about love as a strategy, is to truly prosper as a Kingdom entrepreneur which even if you’re not “religious” or you’re not “spiritual” this stuff will still work because it’s the Kingdom. This works. Everywhere, anywhere, any country, any industry, any time, this will always work. This will not work. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work. You don’t have to have faith in it. You cannot mess this up because you did not create this place called the Universe.

Some other person did and you don’t have enough power to change the realm. So even if you’re like [inaudible 00:35:09], you’re crazy, I’m an atheist, hey man has fun. You can still prosper with these principles. Number one, a healed heart. A healed heart is paramount to prospering as a Kingdom entrepreneur. All I say is entrepreneur general because as I just told you, love is the greatest business strategy you can connect to because if you love the most if you love your client more than the competition, you’re gonna win. Whoever loves the most wins. Why? Because if you love them the most you will go the further. You will do the most. You will go past the pain to out serve them, out love them and you’ll win their business. This is not even arguable. This is facts. So whoever loves the most will win. I can back it up scripturally and say when approached Jesus was asked: “What are the greatest commandments?” He said, “There are two commandments. He said to love your God with all your mind, body and soul and spirit and love your God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

All other commandments hang off these two. Love, love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Well making a business strategy, well guess what? My capacity to love is based on how healed my heart is. If I’ve got a bunch of heart wounds. Wounds from life, wounds from rejection, wounds from past failure, wounds from being called stupid, fat, skinny, ugly, dumb. All these things that we have to go through in life. No one comes through life unscathed. We’ve gone through junk, some more than others, but to the extent that my heart is still wounded and unhealed, that sets a thermostat on how my capacity to love is. So as I heal my heart, as I get healthier and more healed, I have more capacity to love. As I have more capacity for love, I can love more. My business can grow. My influence can grow. My favor can grow. I can now have more love for people and I learned this from a missionary.

Not from a guru. Not from a New York Times bestselling book. I learned this in Africa, in Mozambique where I saw a lady and a man have a heart so big that they were able to love a nation. You can actually love a nation and God gave them a heart so big to love an entire nation of Mozambique that they have single-handedly changed the economic and political climate of this entire country. So you want to have big impact? Do you want to have big dreams? You better be focusing on having a big heart because if you start trying to push out, if you start trying to love on people and serve more people than your heart will allow, you’re gonna have a Kate Spade moment. You’re gonna have these people that they end up having way too much influence and now they’re trying to do more outside than their more on the inside and that will collapse you. It’s Kate Spade and there are more examples and more examples and more examples, both in the marketplace and even in the church where you see religious leaders having ethic falls.

Because they’re trying to do too much out there, it’s the whole foundation concept. They got a big building they built and the heart is the foundation, man and so the number one place is the healed heart. Get your heart healed. Man, forgiveness, forgiveness. Forgiveness is gonna be a key for this. True repentance is key to this. This is a whole another conversation.

Mitch Matthews: Right, right. We’re gonna go to Part Two which is another three hours long, right? But it’s so true though and it’s that whole thing of that when you start to love and serve in that way and you’ve got a healed heart. We’re never perfect and like you said it’s always messy, but if you’re doing it from a place of love as opposed to for love, that’s where you see so often people fall is they’re doing it for love, but man that runs out. When you’ve got more of that healed heart that you’re talking about, we can do it from love and that’s unbound. That’s limitless and I mean when we talk about love, it would be easy to go, “Okay, what does that mean? Hugs, right?” When you’re talking love in this context, you are bringing strategy. You are delivering information that helps people. You’re giving people great experiences at your conferences, things like that. So it’s a very tactical, real tangible thing that you’re talking about here-

Pedro Adao: It’s real.

Mitch Matthews: … as well as hugging.

Pedro Adao: Right, it’s not just hugs and I’m a hugger too but it’s also delivering massive value. Showing up like love sometimes means telling someone the truth and just being real with them and just saying and calling them out on their BS story. It means over-delivering. Guys, I over-deliver every place. There’s not one offer that I make in the marketplace that we don’t radically over-deliver. Where people go like, I had this thing called the Kingdom Funnel Challenge, a 10 day where I do 10 days of live training, help them launch their first sale. It’s $19. I’ve had people say, “Pedro, I’ve got more value from your $19 10 day challenge than I have from $5000 courses,” and I’m like, “Yeah, you know why? That’s my intention.” I’m purposely over-delivering because guess what? I want to do business like my Father. And my Father, my Heavenly Father? He over-delivers every single time and so that’s what we try and do.

Mitch Matthews: And I would imagine too. I mean truth in advertising is that whole thing of you’re also building a relationship. So it’s like those people that go through that course. If you’ve over-delivered there, there’s a much better chance that they’re gonna stick around and also spend money. Spend time with you in everything else that you’re doing. So it’s one of those things where you understand. That’s win-win, but it’s that whole thing of being able to say as opposed to that kind of that industry standard of over-promising, over hyping and then under-delivering. So it’s just that beautiful beautiful combination man. It’s awesome.

Pedro Adao: Let me drop one quick nugget. This is called the taste and see approach to marketing. The taste and see approach to marketing, most marketers they want to hype you up, sell you up front, take a bunch of money and then you have to hope that they deliver. We flipped it. It’s called the taste and see. Before I make any offer of any real value of price, I let you taste and see who Pedro is, who is 100X. You get to taste and see me for not one day, one hour on a webinar. It’s 10 hours, 11 hours, 13 hours. By the time I ever invite you to do something with me, you know exactly who I am. You know exactly what 100X is. You know exactly what this is about and you can be like, “Wow.” “If you want more? Awesome, come in. If this is not for you? Awesome, you know it’s not for you. fine with me. I’m good. We’re doing this thing with or without you. Go find someone who can help you, but why not do the taste and see?”

The more I’m willing to let people taste and see, the lower my marketing costs have to be because marketing, your marketing spend has to go increasingly higher the more you’re trying to broker with the least amount of trust, but if I flip it and I take trust, if I take risk out of the equation and earn their trust over time, then there’s no real risk. They’re like, “I know this guy. I know what he delivers. I’ve been a recipient of this for the last 10 days.” So we call that our taste and see strategy. I believe it’s a Kingdom strategy based on scripture. The Lord says “Taste and sees that the Lord is good. He’s my guide. I’m God. I’m good. Come taste it for yourself. I am not nervous. I’m not insecure. Come on over here. I’m not worried about your experience with me. I am good.”

So if you’re good. If you’ve got the stuff, let people see it. Let them take it for a test drive man. If the car is amazing, put ’em in the car. Let ’em drive it. Like, “Wow.” And so many marketers, they don’t do that because they knew their stuff is not that great.

Mitch Matthews: Right, they don’t want people to see it until the last minute. It’s a little bit like those big blockbusters where they don’t let reviewers see it until the opening weekend too. It’s like, “What’s happening there?” versus your strategy.

Pedro Adao: And then they hope that people are so lazy, they don’t ask for a refund and because most people are lazy, they can be profitable pushing out mediocre offers. I will never do that. We will never do that. If you’re a Kingdom entrepreneur, you cannot do that. If you are doing that, please don’t say that you’re a Christian. Please do not represent us. Don’t put God’s name on it. If you’re gonna put out mediocre offers, please do not drag us through the mud. That’s happening too much. We don’t need that. Please leave God out of your mediocre offers. Only represent Him if you can bring Him true glory and you’re doing an amazing job. That’s my only request and I tell our people that. I’m like, “Guys, you better bring the heat, man. Don’t represent God and not bring the heat because you misrepresent him to the world. The world deserves an encounter with real people of faith, real people who understand the Kingdom and I think we owe the world an actual encounter with the living present Kingdom and that’s what we’re trying to do man.”

We’re doing the best we can and we’re still learning and growing, but so far so good and again we’re only nine months into this and there’s a lot more to go.

Mitch Matthews: I love it, man. Well, how do people find out more about you Pedro? Where do they find you on the World Wide Webs?

Pedro Adao: The World Wide Webs? So we’re They can opt-in there, kind of get signed in. And then of course if you are serious about digital marketing and you actually want to learn how to build sales funnels and that, how to write Facebook ads and do some really cool stuff, then you can take our 10-day challenge. That’s at and you can take our $19 10 day challenge and you’re gonna get your mind blown there and then we have two big events that happen twice a year around every usually March/April, then in October. I believe in getting us, families get together once in a while, right?

Mitch Matthews: Yeah right. Gotta have some family reunions.

Pedro Adao: At least twice a year we get together, it’s amazing and then we have a podcast, it’s pretty awesome, the 100X podcast and my Instagram @pedromadao for instance. So I’m not hiding and you’ll find me.

Mitch Matthews: Google this mad man. I love it and we’ll put all that in the show notes as well, but Pedro my man, thank you for your heart, for your passion, but for also bringing a whole lot of wisdom, man. It’s beautiful to have this conversation. We look forward to having you back.

Pedro Adao: No way man. It was an honor to be on the showman. Thanks so much, Mitch.

Mitch Matthews: Alright DREAM THINK DOer, what did you think? What stood out to you from Pedro’s story?

I’d love to hear from you. I know thinking back through it, it’s one of those that I just enjoyed the conversation. Actually since I recorded the conversation I was able to go to a conference that Pedro hosted in Dallas and we were able to spend some quality time together and have gotten to know him even better as a person and have continued to be impressed by him, but I think one of the things that stands out to me from the interview, but also from some of our subsequent conversations is that he truly took that idea that we talk about all the time on DREAM THINK DO of experimenting.

He got a nudge that he was supposed to do something and he just started. He didn’t overthink it, he just started and I know that’s definitely been something I’ve wrestled with in the past. You get a nudge on something, you kind of get a sense that you’re supposed to start something, you’re supposed to do something, but then you can move into analysis paralysis. You can start to plan, but then start to slow down and get stuck pretty quickly. You start to overanalyze. You don’t take action, all of that. Maybe that’s just me, maybe that’s not you, but I know that’s something I’ve wrestled with, but I love how Pedro just kind of just started and kind of committed to figuring it out as he went. Now that’s not always the best business plan, but in this case, he figured out a way to make it work and it’s grown like crazy and he’s having a massive, massive impact and obviously you hear the passion in his voice.

He’s doing something that he loves which we appreciate and celebrate as well. So how about you? What’s something that stood out to you? I’d love to hear from you.  

What’s something Pedro said… or something that he’s doing that made you think and/or inspired you.  Leave a comment and let me know!


  • Lynda Slobodian
    Posted at 19:06h, 18 April Reply

    Wow ! That so resonated with me. Thank you Mitch for having Pedro on your show. I’ve been wondering if I would ever find something like this. I already joined 100X.

    • Mitch Matthews
      Posted at 19:34h, 18 April Reply

      Lynda – So glad to hear it! Thanks for listening!

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