PDJ: Justin Wise

PDJ: Justin Wise

Justin Wise has created his own dream job as a Social Media Strategist and author of the best selling book, “The Social Church.” Screen-Shot-2014-03-13-at-9.01.21-AM” alt=”Justin Wise” width=”141″ height=”189″ />

And THAT’s why we wanted to talk with him for this Project Dream Job Interview!

During this conversation we talk about how Justin organizes his day for maximum creative output, how he has “experimented” with different endeavors to find / create his current dream job and how you can use the same ideas to go after yours! Plus, we dig into some of the rhythms that he lives by to write a best-selling book, create a successful online course and launch a new business in one year!47875907-LGO-INTERVIEW-BLACK-300x276

Oh… and he also tells a behind-the-scenes nail-bitting story (that’s he’s never shared before) about a recent “experiment” that almost went VERY bad… but… well… I’ll just let you hear it for yourself.

Listen in.  Enjoy it.  I hope it inspires you to continue to pursue your next dream job!



To find out more about Justin… visit here.

To grab a copy of his best-selling book… clickity-click here.

To find him on Twitter… check it.

That’s it for now.

Keep bringing your awesome, the world needs you!


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