PDJ: Antonio Neves

PDJ: Antonio Neves

47875907-LGO-INTERVIEW-BLACK-300x276For this Project Dream Job Interview… I talk with Antonio Neves.

Antonio is a freakishly cool “professional question-asker.”Antonio Neves

In fact, he’s taken the fine art of question-asking and he’s become an award-winning business journalist, television personality, speaker and consultant to top organizations.

He’s served as a correspondent, host and/or producer for top networks including NBC, PBS, BET, E! News and Nickelodeon.  And his articles have been featured in Inc. Magazine & Entrepreneur Magazine and on MSNMoney.com and FoxBusiness.com.

He started THINQACTION and co-founded the international business accelerator, “The Ignition Lab.”  He grew up in the mid-west but he calls Los Angeles home.

You could power a small city off of Antonio’s energy and his stories will get you thinking bigger and inspire you to pursue (or create) your own dream job!

In this interview, I talk with Antonio about:

  1. The creative and intentional steps he took to get access to his first dream job… while he was working as a temp for Viacom.  (If you’ve ever had a “bad fit job,” you’re going to love this story!)
  2. How he stays fueled as he’s traveling the globe, working with business leaders or creating content.
  3. Some rare but powerful networking strategies that YOU can use!
  4. How to stay with it even when you’re feeling beat!


We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts.

I know Antonio and I had a lot of ideas spark as we were talking.  What ideas sparked as you listened in?  What concept stood out to you?

What’s a small but significant step you’re going to take as a result of hearing some of these ideas?  (Go ahead.  Draw a line in the sand for taking action… by commenting!)

Also… let us know your suggestions for other freakishly cool people to interview for this series.  We’d love to get your ideas on who we should feature here.

Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!

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