Paul Bulka Jr. | Fly Boards and the Art of Committing

Paul Bulka Jr. | Fly Boards and the Art of Committing

Paul Bulka Jr. | Fly Boards and the Art of Committing

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast with Paul Bulka Jr you’ll discover how to fly!!

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Would you ever give up a promising job offer in order to teach people how to hover on a board dozens of feet above the water??  That’s exactly what today’s guest did!

Paul Bulka Jr. saw a video on flyboarding and wanted to build a business around it, so he moved to San Diego with $900, a truck, and a jet ski.  Now he’s the founder of Aquatic Aviation, the very first flyboard rental company in North America, and business is booming!

Paul shares how he and a close group of friends began their business (it included a lot of quality time with Google), as well as why he refused to give up when the going got tough.  Plus, you’ll gain his insight on the hazards of working with friends and why it’s essential to break out of your comfort zone.

Listen in and discover how to take your vision and build it into a reality!

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  • Paul Bulka
    Posted at 10:44h, 24 February Reply

    Great interview, great questions, and great answers with experience and insight. This may sound biased because it is. Paul is my son and an amazing person he has become, and evolved into over these last several years. He has simply amazed me with his stamina and ability to overcome the many business hurdles while dealing with the personal upsets in his young life all at the same time. I did love to hear some of the things that he referenced to in growing up that as a parent you tell your children but always wonder if those ears are really working. Paul Jr and I am still, and have grown closer during and through this journey he is on. I live in a rural area in the state of WV. Where Paul Jr grew up went to school, played sports, and left home for San Diego almost four years ago. People say to me don’t you miss him being so far away, but with the aids of the internet and communications we have today we have never been closer. To them I say,I only tried to give him strong wings to fly with, but never told him how far to fly. He has amazed me with his successes and the ways he has handled his personal traumas. Yes, he makes me extremely proud.

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